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By Superhero Diva

Thor, when you first see him

Thor, when you first see him

My family and I have always had a love for superheroes. That love grew even more once Disney bought Marvel and we started seeing more Marvel heroes brought to life with movies etc.  We went on a trip to Disneyland and found out that we could meet one of our very favorite of these heroes…the all mighty Thor!

Thor: Treasures of Asgard (Thor meet and greet) can be found in Tomorrowland’s Innovations building. When you first walk to enter the line to meet Thor you can see exhibit features “artifacts” from Asgard, including the helmet of Loki, the swords of Heimdall and Lady Sif, and the mask of a dark elf among other items. While in the line to meet Thor, you can view these special items up close through glass cases.

As part of the experience, participants are told by Odin, ruler of Asgard, about the joint undertaking between Dr. Jane Foster and the realm of Asgard. The otherworldly home of the gods is releasing these items to us humans in order to help build a better understanding of their culture and humans’ place in the universe.
Once at the end of the line to meet Thor, “Shield Agents” will allow about 20 or so people at a time to enter a small chamber. Inside the room (chamber) the lights are dimmed and the voice of Odin (Thor’s father) is heard by all.  Odin then announces the Bifrost, or the Rainbow Bridge that unites the dimensions, is operable, and visitors get a glimpse of his throne room. With the flicker of rainbow lights and fog, doors open and you see the glow of the throne room come through and you walk towards it!  Once your eyes adjust to the bright gold light you see before you Thor, Odin’s son, has made his  appearance.

Superhero Diva TIP: If you really want to see Thor as soon as you can, when you first enter the throne room walk directly to the left side, that is the side where they start the line for each person to meet Thor!

My daughter's favorite hero, Thor!

My daughter’s favorite hero, Thor!

Thor is just such a great guy to get to meet in person! He was very kind to small children there to see him and in very good spirits. He even asked if any children would like to volunteer to try and pick up his might hammer, Mjölnir.  Of course, there is always one little one who wants to try and they really do try, and with a little help from Thor himself they sometimes succeed.

My family’s personal experience meeting Thor was just plain awesome! He was so kind and took the time to talk to our daughter. Because it was her first time meeting him, she was pretty star-struck.  He also took a moment to sign her autograph book and his signature (complete with drawing of a small hammer) is by far one of her most favorite ones she’s collected in all of our trips to Disneyland.
If you ask me the Thor meet and greet at Disneyland is not something to be missed especially for the Avenger/Superhero lover!

Thor's autograph

Thor’s autograph