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Author: Teen Diva

When you walk into the California Adventure Park and you go to the boardwalk one of the first things you will see is Ariel’s Grotto restaurant. Like every other sit down eatery at ANY Disney Park I highly recommend getting a reservation.

If you go during the summer you NEED an Advance Reservation because if you don’t get one… guess who is not eating. At a minimum you need to get your reservation at least five days in advance unless you want to eat dinner at 4:00pm or 9:00pm. If you’re going during the off season they may take a few walk in’s.

Here’s three reasons your teen WANTS you to make a reservation:

  1. I don’t like to wait
  2. You don’t like to wait
  3. So why not get up from where ever you’re sitting right now and do it while you’re thinking about it so your teenager doesn’t get cranky and ruin the trip for the rest of you? Just call (714) 781-DINE and think of it as a preventative measure of sorts.
Now onto my favorite part about the restaurant. The sweet deal you get. The mother of all reason’s for you, and your teen, to eat here.

You get FREE fast-passes to World of Color. In the best section (The least crowded section) It makes such a huge difference compared to other places to stand. It is great! Your teen is much more likely to ooh and ahh when they’re not wanting to flick the tall person standing in front of them in the head.

If you want the Fastpasses you have to eat off a Pre-selected menu. Tou choose between two appetizers, six entrees, and depending on the size of your family one or two dessert platters,(White chocolate world of color film strip… I’m just saying)……. All of the food tastes SO great do don’t stress

that your teen wont find something else they like.

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to see the FIRST world of color show dine from 5:00 to 7:00pm if you want to see the SECOND world of color show dine from seven o five to eight thirty.

There are NO characters during World of Color dining, but many teens are more than willing to make the trade off to not be crowded at the show.

as of February 2012, the World of Color meal will set you back $40.00 per-person (Kids $30.00)

Normal Dining: Has Disney Princesses walking around and the same choices of food (and more) from World of Color dining but no Fastpasses and you pay more (because no pre set menu)!

So to sum this up:

  • Make reservation! So your teens wont be cranky!
  • I would say World Of Color is better for teens (unless they really like Princesses.

  • If they like water cannons and fire go to World of Color dining
  • The food is soooooooo good!
  • Bathrooms are super clean. Like spotless. Really.(Picture on right GLOWING BLUE MIRRORS)

And they all got full and lived happily ever after and nobody wanted to kill their teenager. The end!

Stay Disney,
Teen Diva 🙂