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By Teen Diva

You have one day.

You have one day to spend in Disneyland AND you have a teen with you. Want to know what to hit and what to miss? Take the Teen Diva certified tour of Disneyland.

OK so squint your eyes a little bit. Now open. BOOM, you’re in Disneyland!
Right now you see two gates one the the right and one to the left. Go to the left, for some reason no one does. Then keep walking. If someone is celebrating a birthday or wedding or pretty much anything go stop by city hall and grab a button just for the occasion! Employees will talk to you all day and it is actually really fun!
Head over to Adventure Land. It will be to your left.
Do you want to know a secret? In the hundreds of times I have been to Disneyland, I have never once been inside of the Enchanted Tiki Room. Maybe one day I will, but it never seems interesting or remotely fun. So I just don’t and I recommend you skip it too.

I also skip Indiana Jones, the line is always long and I don’t ever feel like I experienced anything more than whiplash.

*MUST DO* The Jungle Cruise, it’s the best thing ever. Its hilarious, fun, and entertaining. Great for any age, but teens especially.
If you’re hungry or not:
The Bengal BBQ: Kabbobs!
Tiki Juice Bar: Dole Whips
Now go straight to New Orleans Square. 
This is my favorite land and it has my favorite ride. I think everything in New Orleans Square is a must do. Clearly you cant eat at every place, ride every ride, but these are the ones I think you should absolutely try to.
Pirates of the Caribbean: OK  so this is my favorite ride. Its the mixture of singing pirates with dirty feet, two minor drops, and the strange smell of chlorine that is absolutely intoxicating. I could ride this over and over. SERIOUSLY NO MATTER WHAT RIDE IT.
The Haunted Mansion:  One of the most teen friendly attractions in DISNEYLAND. It is scary enough that it isn’t considered “lame” and it isn’t crawling with children. Its a bit of a break from things that are sticky and toys that hit you. Bonus point for being awesome.
You may need to eat now. Even if you are not hungry just taste some of this stuff:
Royal Street Veranda: Clam Chowder in a bread bowl
Cafe Orleans: The Sandwiches
Now on to Critter Country:
Go ride Splash Mountain, who cares if you are soakin’ wet, who cares if you can’t walk like a normal person just let go.
There isn’t very good food here so you can skip that.
The rest will be continued in part 2!
Stay Disney,
                        Teen Diva