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I was thinking today, there are some essentials that just must be packed at Disney World or else you’re going to have a miserable time! (or you’re going to spend a lot of money at the very least). So what are the top 10 MUST HAVES for the Divas for ANY WDW trip?

Lets count them down together!

10. imageMy perfectly packed WDW Backpack. See one of my most popular posts on Packing the Perfect WDW Backpack by clicking HERE. A smartly packed backpack can save you lots of money, time, and frustration! you have to balance your need for organization (lots of zippers) with the fact that you will have your bags checked at each park (and all those zippers have to be unzipped). Each adult in your party should have their own backpack in my opinion.

9 imageMy cell phone. I have a Droid (verizon) and I personally love it. But I love it at WDW for 2 main reasons. 1) The applications that tell me wait times. Such as “Lines” which is totally worth the inexpensive subscription. Its great to see what the crowd calendar is estimating for each park that day (esp in the afternoon after our nap when we do our park hop), and having people there update in real-time is awesome. 2) Being able to take and upload pics of my trip to Facebook and Twitter in real time. I have some friends who play “where in the world am I” with me when I go each time and is so fun to have them guess and experience my trip along with me. (plus, part of the fun of going to wdw is rubbing it in other peoples faces that you’re there and they are not, am I right?!) I also love twitter, especially funny tweets you can read/ post like the ones on Overheard at Walt Disney World which is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites.

8.imageExcedrin migraine medicine. The sun, the heat, the constant squeals of children. WDW is overstimulation at its finest. This Diva NEVER steps foot in the park without having some Excedrin Migraine on her. When I feel a headache just starting to come on I pop some of these and it helps.

7. imageA camera that takes digital pictures and videos. Yes, you need a camera. No, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a DSL or just a pocket one. I would suggest ones that have a good zoom though (its how I pick all my cameras now) because you’re normally far off from shows and its neat to be able to zoom in and get CM expressions and details of the castle (also fun for people-stalking, wait, did I just say that out loud?) If at all possible get one that can easily switch into video mode (just by pushing a button) because occasionally you’ll have a magical moment you would just love to be able to catch forever. Many good cameras have this double function now and you can get a high quality one for around $300.00 (but again, you don’t have to). You just need a dependable camera and a card that can hold A LOT of pictures.

6. imageA lanyard to hold my fast passes/tickets. You can read my entire post about “fast pass pouches” by clicking HERE. I really highly recommend that you have something that you can get to quickly that will hold your tickets, cash, fast passes, etc with ease. I prefer the fabric pouches also as they are more discrete and more sturdy than the plastic ones. (PS please tell me that you know that fast passes are free!! Read more HERE if you don’t).

5. Disposable ponchos. “Pop up showers”, which are short rain showers that go as quickly as they come, are common in Orlando. A poncho can really come in handy. You can one at Target or Wal-Mart for around .99 cents that are packaged tightly and are relatively flat. We get the disposable ones because they’re just a pain to keep up with. You can also buy one in the park for about $7.00 PER PONCHO and they will be very similar to the ones under a dollar. Trust me, stock up on these and bring one per family member in your backpack daily.

4. imageA COMFY pair of sneakers. Research shows that in one day at Walt Disney World the average person walks somewhere between 6 and 13 miles (9.6 – 21 Kilometers)! It is imperative that you get the RIGHT SHOES. Don’t know what the right shoes are? You can read my post “Hoofing it”. Walking around WDW HERE for help on picking our the right footwear for your upcoming trip.

3. imageSome cheap sunglasses. Ok so if they’re on Lady Gaga that means they cost about 20x more than they’re worth, but hey, a Diva has to pay tribute to another Diva. You need sunglasses and they’re very expensive in the park. They need to be CHEAP sunglasses as rides can easily sweep them off your face. You don’t want to lose your Ray-Bans on Big Thunder Mountain, lemme tell you. Just make sure they’re not so cheap that they push on your temples too much and give you a headache.

2. imageA hat, WITH A BILL. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “DISNEY WORLD IS NOT A FASHION SHOW PEOPLE! If you came to WDW to “hook a hottie” you came to the wrong joint. If its normal to wear a Goofy hat complete with buck-teeth with a fanny pack then its not about FASHION. I’ve got lots of tips to help you understand more about this if you read my post HERE. Humidity in Orlando is INSANE. Your hair will either go completely limp or, like my curly tresses, will have you being mistaken by some small children for “MUFASSA”. Get a hat, and make it a Disney one (like this Perry one, which is SO awesome!) Make sure it has a bill to help shield your face from the sun. WDW streets are very reflective and you don’t want the reason you’re going home to be because you’ve given yourself a “squinting” headache!

1. imageBand-aid Blister Block stick. My number one thing I dare not go to Disney World without is the Band-aid Blister Block. It puts a no-mess invisible shield on the skin and really works. I put it on everybody’s feet before putting on socks. Make sure to put it on the heels, the sides of the feet, between toes, and anywhere your shoes normally rub. Since I started using this I have not had a blister on my foot!! You can get it at pretty much any drug store. Its usually near the band-aids.

So there you go. This Diva wouldn’t be caught DEAD in the park without these important goodies. Hope you wont either!

What about you? What area things you wouldn’t be caught DEAD at WDW without?

Happy packing!