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Author: Savvy Diva

This is my top ten list of things that you should buy before you go to fabulous WDW to save you money! You can buy all these things at the parks or resorts, but you will be paying much more.
10. Sunscreen. Pack one to use in the resort room and one for your backpack to use in the parks.
9. Cheap sunglasses. Buy a few pairs at the dollar store in case someone loses theirs’ on a ride. It happens. Often.
8. Batteries. Bring an extra set for your camera and anything else you bring that needs them.
7. Stroller fan. EVEN if you’re not bringing a stroller. A battery-operated clip-on fan has a lot of potential uses!
6. Autograph book & a fat pen. Click here to see a fun way to make your own.
5. Memory card (or film) for your camera. You will probably take way more pictures than you imagine.
4. Ponchos. I get mine at the dollar store, two for a dollar. Sure beats one for $12 at the parks.
3. Glow-in-the-dark stuff. Again, tackle the dollar store. You can get necklaces, bracelets, wands, and more. Disney in the dark is more fun with glow stuff.
2. New Disney shirts. Keep an eye out for Disney clothes at your local retailers, and stash them away until the trip. The Disney Store runs specials and sales off and on, all year long and you can get a lot of the things you see in the parks online.

1. Snacks. Having nibbles on hand can save time and money on your trip. I usually buy a variety box of cereal bars and crackers for my family to eat on the go.

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