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Author: Disney Diva

If you plan on bringing in juice boxes or Capri Suns to Animal Kingdom be warned, they will take your plastic straws! Because there are so many animals at Disney, those little straws and the little tiny plastic covers that cover them have been deemed a Disney “no no” because the little things will eat them. 

It is good to plan ahead knowing that Disney won’t allow YOUR straws to come in, assuming your bag checker is actually paying attention (which is total hit or miss)!

What is a bigger problem, in my opinion, is that they don’t put LIDS on any of the drinks that you BUY! They’ve made some paper-based straws so at least you get those now, but with no lids you’re likely to lose more than just a little of your drink if you’re anything like me.

This is how we normally “do” Disney… I’m laden down with stuff. The typical mom/pack horse. I have got a kid in a stroller and since I usually bring my own, it has a drink holder on it. You would think, “sweet! A place to put the drink and push”, but ALAS, you forget that throughout Animal Kingdom the ground is uneven and lumpy and bumpy…Not enough for you to trip over, mind you, but enough to make your lid-less drink pour soda all over you, your stuff, and if you’re really unlucky, your little one’s HEAD.

Its not a huge deal mind you, but its one of those little inconveniences that people forget to tell you about when they go to Animal Kingdom. My advice, bring a water bottle with a wide-enough mouth to pour a drink into and a screw-top lid for each of you and just pour your drinks into that.

Now, that’s what I call effective trip planning!