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Author: Nick the Disney DevoI’m going through every photo from our Disney vacations, and I see a lot, I mean A LOT, of pictures of food. I know I’m not the only person to take pictures of food!

I used to write Trip Reports for the DVC fan sites I belong to, and now write restaurant reviews the Tips For the Disney Diva Blog and my Disney Musings blog, and photos are integral to these articles.
But I also take these photos because it helps me remember a good, great, or even bad, meal.

All these examples are from early October, 2009.

We take photos of where we are eating.

 Sanaa, Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village
 Wolfgang Puck Express, Downtown Disney

We take photos of what we are eating.

 Wolfgang Puck Express
 Beaches and Cream, Yacht and Beach Club

Pictures of food being made.

Beaches and Cream

Pictures of waiting for the food.

Beaches and Cream

The food being eaten.

  Beaches and Cream

A photo of food theft! Blatant food theft!

Wolfgang Puck Express

Before photos…

Beaches and Cream

…and after photos.

For more on the Banana Split at Beaches and Cream, please check out this post.

Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival at Walt Disney World is our favorite time to take pictures of food. We pose it as attractively as possible.

So, remember, Mom said don’t play with your food, but she didn’t say anything about photographing and blogging it! Its a great part of Disney Vacations!

This article was originally posted on the Disney Musings Blog, which Nick co-writes with his wife, Barbie.