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Author: Diva Viva

I am not a true foodie, but I would consider myself a bit of a Walt Disney World Foodie.  I have been to most of the popular restaurants and I dream about Le Cellier’s Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup.  Disney Dinning is one of my favorite parts of any trip to Orlando.

Because I love dinning so much, I usually go with a Disney Dining Plan.  With this, everyone traveling in my group can feel good having a sit down meal every day awithout feeling like we are over-spending or wasting time because it is already paid for!  We try to take advantage of the Dinning Plan by having high quality meals and getting to the restaurants we feel are really outstanding.
For this reason, the Wolfgang Puck Café Dining Room is one of my favorite places to eat at WDW.  Chef Puck is world famous for his cuisine, and at the restaurant they showcase some of his best recipes.  The best part is that even though I consider this restaurant on par with most Signature Dining Restaurants, Disney does not classify it as a Signature Restaurant and the meal only uses one Table-Service Meal.  The food can be as casual as pizza and as gourmet as Yellowfin Tuna Tartare.  The meals cost around $25-$30 downstairs with higher priced menu items only offered in the upstairs dinning room which is not on the Dining Plan.

 As I said before, I’m not a true foodie, but eating at this restaurant lets me pretend I am!  My family and I can never resist getting an appetizer or two for the table to share, and we always try a bite of everyone else’s plates.  My favorite is the Wild Mushroom Risotto, but there is nothing I have tried at Wolfgang Puck’s that I haven’t liked.

Only the downstairs area is open to Dining Plan clients, but it is delightful, especially if you get seated closer to the back of the restaurant, away from the crowds at the Express station and bar upfront.  My favorite seating is next to the windows overlooking Village Lake and a quiet boardwalk area.  There are often boats during the day and many lights to watch at night.  It can be a very romantic setting. 
I always opt for the whole experience and go to the Dining Room, but there are also two Express stations, one at the main restaurant on Downtown Disney’s West Side and one in the Marketplace.  They both offer food on the Dinning Plan for Dining Plan Quick Service and Snacks.  Breakfast items range from $3.00-$11.00, lunch costs around $10.00 and dinner items range from $10.00 – $15.00.  The Menu is much more extensive than most Quick Service restaurants and includes crowd pleasers like pizza and macaroni and cheese along with the more sophisticated sandwiches and plates from Puck’s famous recipes.  There is a kids menu too, with chicken fingers, pizza, pasta, and quesadillas ($7 lunch and dinner except the chicken fingers which go for $12).  Again, a really great choice for using your Quick Service meal credits.  And, if you think your children will be bored with the restaurant, which is really more targeted towards adults, you can go to the much more kid-friendly Express and get the same great food experience.

Diva Viva