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This might be one of the most original stores in the Downtown Disney District. If you have ever wanted 3 socks or shoes that don’t match then this is your place! Designed for kiddos and young teens, this store has bold patterns an bold ideas. Their main selling point is sock in all shapes and sizes, and they claim that three mismatches socks are better than two matching ones because then you don’t have to worry what happens when you lose one! You can also get socks in packs of nine or fifteen. And what would a great pair of mismatched socks be without a fun outfit to go with them?
This store is perfect for little girls who are just starting to dress themselves and express their creativity. While the only Disney thing you will find is a Mickey on a shirt here or there and a princess on every nineteenth sock, it is very age appropriate and lots of fun. Sometimes I’m jealous that I’m to old to wear their clothes, so I just buy them for my cousins. I admit I was a little confused when I first walked in, and I still think I would buy two sets of socks so that I have six socks that I could mismatch together instead of one third-wheel, but I’m sure in the mind of a child, three socks is a perfect number. If you have a little one who loves to dress themselves, or a teenager who wants to rebel a little and be different this is the perfect place for you.