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Dumbo is a must see attraction at Disney World! 
With the recent additions to to Storybook Circus, the rush to Dumbo is not as bad as it was this time last year, but I would still suggest going there first thing in the morning to avoid the long lines and hitting Peter Pan quickly there after.
Dumbo was recently renovated as part of the new Fantasyland expansion. Now there are two carousels of flying Dumbo’s which will hopefully cut down on the wait times. There is also an interactive queue “lounge” where you will take your beeper to “wait” for your call to ride. You can read all about it on The Disney Blog HERE. We arrived first thing in the morning and we waited only 10 minutes! 
Dumbo is an attraction for the whole family. Young children, regardless of their previous encounter with rides, usually adore Dumbo. Each elephant can hold two people or one “Pooh sized” adult. There is a stick controller that will allow you, or your child, to decide how high or low you fly.  My children especially loved being able to control the elephant and make him fly high up in the air! 
Children MUST BE ON THE INSIDE of the ride and they will make you move them if you don’t follow this rule. The ride is approximately three minutes long and at the end the ride automatically moves EVERY ELEPHANT to the highest height and then lowers them. So prepare your children for this if they’re afraid of going up high.
Diva Tip: As of now you can also get a great view of the new Fantasyland renovations going on behind the tall fence. However, after November 19th when the new Fantasyland Previews begin that’s not as much of a tip. hah
Also, don’t forget to have your picture taken at the brand new Storybook Circus Dumbo photo spot located beside Dumbo. This will be a ride your children will beg to return to again and again. You don’t get much more “classic Disney” than Dumbo.
Scream Factor: 1 
Avoid if have : Major Motion Sickness, fear of heights, bad knees.
Get a “feel” for it by watching this video: