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Author: Budget Diva
Photo Credit: Chip at

The Barnstormer is the currently the newest roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom (as of 9/1/2012). Recently opened in the new Fantasyland section of Storybook Circus, the Barnstormer is a great ‘first roller coaster  for children.

Children must be 35 inches to ride. Goofy, aka “The Great Goofini”, takes riders on a crazy, but fun, airplane ride that twists and turns above Fantasyland. The ride is very short, so if your little one gets scared just remind them that the ride will be over quickly!

The Barnstormer is a really fun ride, and more than likely will not cause any motion sickness. It is, legitimately a roller coaster, however, so hold on tight to your little ones!

Did you know-according to Wikipedia- the word Barnstorming was a popular form of entertainment in the USA in the 1920’s? Stunt pilots would perform tricks with airplanes, either individually or in groups called a flying circus! That’s how Barnstormer got its name!

Scream Factor: Three
Avoid if: Severe motion sickness, bad knees.