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Where can I earn Disney Gift Cards? / Earn Disney Gift Cards and More from Disney Movie Rewards!

Earn Disney Gift Cards, merchandise and more with Disney Movie Rewards!

We all love Disney movies right? We rush to the theater during opening week to enjoy the newest movie, then we mark our calendars waiting for the DVD/BluRay release.  If you’re anything like our family you’re one of the first to see the movie in the theater.  You may also have cabinets full of movies and an impressive collection of digital copies that can be watched anywhere.  Disney movies are part of the fabric of our family.  So much so that we have even begun a collection of movies for our college bound daughter We can’t send her off without her favorites!

And of course we never-NEVER– forget to turn these purchases into Disney Rewards. Disney Movie Rewards, simply put, is an easy to use loyalty program. Experience a movie, either in a theater or in your home, enter your code and earn points. Then exchange your points for Disney exclusive gifts!  You can watch your way to park merchandise, apparel, collectible memorabilia, park experiences and more.  Even better, you can your exchange points for Disney gift cards!

Yep!  Disney gift cards are just one of the great rewards offered from Disney Movie Rewards! You can enjoy a Disney movie and earn a Disney Gift card to be used on your next Disney Park or Cruise Vacation!!

How to earn Disney Gift Cards? Where to buy Disney Parks merchandise? What are Disney Movie Rewards?

Santa Mickey Ears Hat-Our Best Disney Movie Rewards Redemption

Ready to Get Started?

Turning your movie watching hobby into a rewards experience couldn’t be simpler!

  • Navigate to the Disney Movie Rewards website ( )
  • Click the “Sign Up” link in the top right corner
  • Enter your birthdate and zipcode (age verification)
  • Agree to the conditions for creating an account
  • Choose to sign up with either an email or Facebook account
  • Enter personal details such as full name, gender and password choice
  • Click “Create Account”
Where can I earn Disney gift cards? / Earn Disney Gift Cards and More from Disney Movie Rewards!

Create your own Disney Movie Rewards account or sign in with a Disney affiliate username and password


*If you have an existing account with another Disney site (Disney,, DisneyMoviesAnywhere, ESPN or ABC) that log-in information should be valid for  Skip the above steps and proceed to “Sign In” with your existing credentials.

Next Step, Let’s Watch a Movie!

That’s right, get started by watching a movie!  There are two ways to earn rewards from your movie watching experiences.

  1. Purchase a Disney DVD or BluRay.
  2. Watch a current Disney movie on the big screen.
Where can I earn Disney Gift Cards? / Earn Disney Gift Cards and More from Disney Movie Rewards!

Do not forget to redeem your Disney Movie Rewards!

Redeeming Points from Disney DVDs and BluRays

  • Locate the Disney Movie Reward insert that comes with your purchase
  • Identify the DMR code
  • Log in to Disney Movie Rewards
  • Type your DMR code on the blue bar marked “Enter Your Code to Get Started” (located to the right of your point total on the top of the screen) then click on the arrow


Where do I redeem Disney DVD or BluRay codes/ Earn Disney Gift Cards and More from Disney Movie Rewards!

Enter DVD and BluRay codes here!!


Redeeming Points from a Movie Theater Ticket

  • Purchase up to (4) eligible Movie Theater Tickets (as of July 2017 Cars 3, Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Men Tell No Tales and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 are eligible titles).
  • Save Your Movie Stubs (tickets)!!!!!
  • Log in to Disney Movie Rewards
  • Click  “Earn Points” then Movie Tickets (from drop down menu)
  • Hover over your movie and select “Submit Movie Tickets”
  • On the next screen select the movie again, noting the number of tickets you would like to redeem and click “continue”
  • You will then receive a redemption code.  Write this number on each ticket you are redeeming. (Scroll down for instructions to redeem your proof of purchase)
  • Take a photo of your tickets with redemption code
  • Save photo to your device
  • Click “Upload”
How to earn Disney gift cards. / Earn Disney Gift Cards and More from Disney Movie Rewards!

Movie Ticket with Redemption Code


* Photo tip-if you are accessing DMR from your phone it is easy to take photo and upload directly to the website.  If you are accessing Disney Movie Rewards from a PC I find it easiest to take photo or ticket(s) with a phone and email it to myself. Open the email on your computer,  save the photo and upload to DMR.

**Points may also be earned by purchasing DVD/BluRay movies, theater tickets, music or other merchandise directly from Disney Movie Rewards. (Eligible purchases can be found under “Earn Points”)

You are done!  If you followed the instructions properly you have just earned a minimum of 100 points per DVD/BluRay or a minimum of 50 points per movie theater ticket!!

Choose your Reward!

  • Log in to Disney Movie Rewards
  • Click “Get Rewards”
  • Browse rewards by Movie Studio, Category or Point Categories

There are so many to choose from!

  • 0 points: free printable stickers, games, iron on’s, activity figures and activity sheets
  • 1-400 points: sticker sheets, audio books, mini posters, puffy magnets, storybooks and $ 5 movie theater concession certificates
  • 401-700 points: full size posters, preschool DVD’s,  Disney Gift Cards, and miniature toys
  • 701-1300 points: DVDs and BluRays, experiences such as Walt Disney Family Museum tickets, plush toys, vinylmation, jewelry, figurines, clothing, $10 theater concession certificates and Starbucks gift cards
  • 1301-2800 points: specialty and signature DVDs and BluRays, plush toys, Disney exclusive books, collectible figurines and artwork
  • 2801 and up: Disney Showcase figurines, Walt Disney Studios VIP tours and Walt Disney Studios personalized sketches


Where can I earn Disney gift cards? / Earn Disney Gift Cards and More from Disney Movie Rewards!

Disney Movie Rewards DVD Redemption Details


Redeeming Your Points for Your Chosen Reward

  • Once you have earned enough points, click on your chosen reward
  • Review details and redemption requirement (for example, DVD-800 points, free S&H or 680 points, you pay S&H)
  • Click Redeem and fill out required shipping information

Redeeming Points Specifically for Disney Gift Cards

  • Log in to DMR
  • Click “Redeem Points” then browse by Gift Cards
  • Choose your desired gift card
  • Click “Redeem”
  • Verify shipping name and address
  • Save your confirmation page and watch your mail for your Disney Gift Card! (You should receive an email verification immediately, Gift cards will arrive within 2-4 weeks.)
Where can I earn Disney Gift Cards? / Earn Disney Gift Cards and More from Disney Movie Rewards!

Current Disney Movie Rewards Gift Card offers (July 2017)


Such an awesome way to earn gift cards and merchandise for your family!

Have a birthday coming up?  Head to Disney Movie Rewards for a free to low cost gift.  Taking a Disney Vacation?  Don’t forget to check DMR first to see if you can score a few extra gift cards!  Remember to check back often as merchandise and gift card availability frequently changes.  And never, ever forget to upload your DVD/BluRay codes or movie ticket stubs again!!

Watching Disney movies has never been more rewarding!!