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By Fashionista Diva
Fantasmic is a must see show at Hollywood Studios. To get a good seat you will need to wait in line for over an hour before the show starts. However, if you book the Fantasmic Dinner & Show package, you have your seats reserved and can enjoy the park at your leisure while everyone else is fighting for the perfect seat. Another great perk? You can use your Disney Dining Plan for the Fantasmic Dinner Package.
There are three different restaurants you can choose from when booking the package. Currently, there is the Brown Derby, Mama Melrose, & Hollywood and Vine. The variety of options allow you to chose fine dining, casual dining, or an all you can eat buffet. The cost varies depending upon the restaurant. The cost includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert tray for the entire meal. At Hollywood & Vine, it is slightly different as they have an all you can eat buffet. Regular beverages are included. However, alcohol will cost extra. I chose to eat at Mama Melrose. I love Italian food and this restaurant has a more casual feel. Upon looking at the menu, I noticed that $35.99 per person for the package was a great deal. If you were to order an appetizer, entree, and dessert without the package it could actually end of being more than this.



When booking the package you have the ability to choose the time you want to eat. There are lunch and dinner times available. You will always be seated at the first showing of Fantasmic. There are many nights that the park will have two showings of Fantasmic to accommodate for larger crowd days. Even though there are two time slots, the package is only for the first one.
An added tip: Fantasmic now has the glow with the show ears. These are special ear hats that will light up in time with the show. They make the show even more magical and allow you to be a part of the show!


A review of the food: Mama Melrose is fantastic. They have traditional pastas and Italian dishes. The portions are large and very filling. The restaurant is located past the Pizza Planet and next to the Christmas Store at Hollywood Studios. They serve wine, beer, and liquor. At the end of the meal, they bring you the ticket that will get you into the show.


 Even though you have that reserved pass, you should still arrive around 30 minutes early. This is so you can be seated when they start letting in the reserved sections. You do not have a particular reserved seat. There is a large reserved section, located in the middle of the arena, and those seats are first come first serve for guests having the reserved tickets. Even though you will have a great view from any of those seats, most little ones like to sit as close as they can! Do not worry about being bored. They have a team of cast members who will be entertaining you half an hour before the show starts. They have trivia, games, and even name that tune! The show itself consists of live action characters, special effects, and real fire. The stadium does get dark at times and can be loud. However, this does not last long.

 TIP: If you do have children that get easily spooked by this, I suggest holding their hand or keeping them in your lap. Let them know ahead of time that it might get dark and loud but Mickey will save the day! Keep in mind it does only go dark for a few moments and most children have a very favorable experience of the show.