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Author: Canadian Diva

If you ask anyone in my family Fantasmic! at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is the Best Show in the World (and I mean the whole world).

We almost missed seeing Fantasmic! With our limited schedule visiting Walt Disney World, we had decided to cross Hollywood Studios from our list, but a little voice inside of me said to rearrange my itinerary, for this 25-minute fireworks and water show, JUST to see what everyone is talking about.

I am so glad that I made this decision or else I would have missed this truly incredible feast for the eyes, young and old! Our family loved this show so much, we still do the “Mickey Dance”, and when I get sad missing Disney World or just plain need a pick me up for the day, my daughter and I will watch Fantasmic! on You Tube. Of course nothing beats actually being there!

If you’re considering seeing Fantasmic! on your next Walt Disney World vacation I have a few tips to maximize the fun:

1) LINE UP EARLY. We opted for the 10:00pm show and lined up at 9:00pm and there was already a crowd gathered right in the front. If you are catching the 8:30pm show, I would suggest you line up at least an hour and a half before. I positioned myself near the front and had my husband pick up something to eat (they do sell snacks inside).

2.) BE PREPARED TO WALK QUICKLY TO GET THE BEST SEATS. Once the “rope drops” a half hour before the show you will have to walk fast and far to get the best seats. A massive crowd pushes forward in organized chaos. Quite honestly I was afraid of losing my family (me being the fastest one), so I held up my “Turkey Leg” so they can see where I was going. Those with strollers and babies in tow, stay on the right, for there is an exit ramp for the stroller parking. (with the mad rush, the strollers looked like cars existing the freeway).

3) KNOW WHERE YOU WANT TO WATCH THE SHOW FROM. Many caution sitting in the front seats, however we sat right in the front. My daughter is small, so I didn’t want her to look over people’s heads. Of course the disadvantage of this was that we couldn’t see what others would from the seats further up, and we missed some special effects from our view. My daughter was thrilled to be lower, however, because the characters are so close to you when they move by on the boats. When the Princesses floated by they actually made eye contact with my daughter and waved at her. My fondest memory was of Ariel, sitting at the back of one boat and waving “bye” to my daughter, she kept waving and waving, making eye contact, smiling with her, until the boat disappeared into the mountain.

You will get a little wet sitting at very front which we didn’t mind, especially with the August heat. Another bonus of the front seats, they have small benches all around the edge, which a family of 4 or 5 can fit. It’s like having your own private seating. with just your family watching the show.

There is one point where the lake “catches on fire” and it is VERY hot. Many people have said they can feel the heat almost at the top row, so it is quite intense the closer to the front you are. It wont hurt you, but it could certainly frighten you. And, of course, fireworks are louder the close you are to them, as Diva Mommy mentions in her article Tips for viewing Walt Disney World fireworks with children under 5. So be sure to consider all of this If your child frightens easily.

This show can be SCARY, (especially in the villains section which is long and involves snakes, ghosts, and villains at their meanest) but for older children (my girl is 7) and for adults it is AMAZING. It really made me feel like a kid again; cheering for Mickey’s victory and seeing all the characters especially the villains whom we don’t see too often around WDW. The special effects and stunts are just mesmerizing.

My favorite part was when Mickey pulled the Sword out of the Stone. I screamed and cheered with sheer delight since I was a fan of “The Sword in the Stone” movie. I asked my daughter which part of Fantasmic! was her favorite and she said, “From start to finish”.

I heard FANTASMIC! in Disneyland is even better than the one in WDW (D’land Diva you must confirm this!). If so, I want to visit Disneyland just to see how much better Fantasmic! could be.

Either way, you will LOVE FANTASTMIC and get sentimental about it afterwards – even grown, big, alpha males like my husband do. It’s that magical and a show you truly don’t want to miss.

Be sure you check your times guide and Walt Disney World’s online calendar to see when fireworks are planned during your trip!