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by Princess Diva
With Halloween fast approaching, I thought it quite appropriate to look into the dark side of Disney- those characters that we love to hate.  Sometimes these characters can speak to us and we are able to look past their evilness and see the iconic characters that they really are.  Here are some of the Disney Divas and Devos favorite Disney Villains.
Dopey Diva: Mother Gothel is my favorite villain.  Even though she is a villain, she also seems to have a little good in her unlike most villains.
The Disney Diva: I honestly only LOVE villains.  I just tolerate the heroine.  My favorite is Ursula and an extremely close second is the Queen of Hearts.  I say phrases from both of them frequently.  There’s something more REAL to me about villains.  The princesses are a little too pure.
British Diva: Winnie Sanderson from Hocus Pocus.  Evil and funny makes for a wicked combination!  “Book…oh, Book!”
D’land Diva: After seeing some film footage of Maleficent, I suspect she will become my favorite. However, Loki- Tom Hiddleston- does it for me.
Pirate Diva:  Maleficent is my favorite.  She’s so evil, and yet somehow stylish.  You just have to love her.
Nick the Disney Devo: Hate to jump on the bandwagon, but Maleficient is the most beautifully designed Disney villain.


Canadian Diva:  Loki/Tom Hiddleson so does it for me too.  My daughter really likes Dr. Facillier.  When we did the Villains Mix and Mingle, she wanted to line up for him!

Princess Diva:  I love any of the characters that fit into the ‘evil step mother’ category. Some of my favorites are Lady Termaine, Mother Gothel, and the Evil Queen from Snow White. We expect women in this position to be a loving mother figure for their daughters, and in most Disney movies, this is not the case.  They are in fact the exact opposite; full of jealousy and hate.
There are so many wonderfully, evil villains that it can be really difficult to narrow it down to only one favorite.  Did any of your favorites make our list?  Who would get your vote for best Disney villain?