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Author: Nick the Disney DevoVillains in Vogue is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Sunset Boulevard.

I have a confession. I am not a villains fan. I like the good guys.
But I will admit, the villains are often very stylish.
Perhaps that is part of the appeal to fans of the baddies.
Villains in Vogue offers some merchandise to these fans.

Several items of Snow White’s Evil Queen.

The Cheshire Cat get’s some merch, but I’m not sure I consider him a villain. What do you think?

Various villains artistically presented.

Mixed in with the animation drawings below, you’ll see some backpacks with Vinylmation figures printed on them. There is a large selection of Vinylmation here, and there is trading.
There is also a selection of Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise available in one corner.
A set of villains figures, along with Sorcerer Mickey.
You’ll also find a nice selection of kitchen items here. Yes, kitchen items.
I assume this is because Villains in Vogue is connected to the snack shop Sweet Spells.
So when you are done taking a walk on the dark side, you can easily indulge your sweet side.
Nick co-writes the Disney Musings Blog with his wife, Barbie.