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by Military Diva

During a recent trip to Magic Kingdom our family overheard a conversation between a cast member and an unhappy guest. Essentially, there was some frustration due the amount of guests with FastPasses that were “cutting” the line in front of him.  The Cast Member asked if he had booked or utilized his own FastPasses, to which he responded “no”.

He could barely afford tickets to Magic Kingdom.  There was no way he could afford the extra benefits he thought were associated with the FastPass+ system.

I began listening to other guests more closely during the day and heard similar thoughts over and over.

Please hear me clearly…all you need to obtain a FastPass is a ticket for park entry and access to “mydisneyexperience”.

So, what is a FastPass?

A FastPass is a pre-reserved time slot for the most popular Disney World rides and experiences.  Guests holding a FastPass bypass the stand by line for the selected ride or attraction.  They enter the ride in a shorter FP+ line or enjoy a preferred viewing spot for select experiences.

Do I need to be a guest staying at a Disney World Resort to take advantage of FastPass+?


Staying on Walt Disney World property is not a requirement for FastPass eligibility!

Disney World (on-site) guests have the advantage of being able to book FastPasses at midnight 60 days prior to their first day of ticket use. They also receive complimentary Magic Bands.

Off-site and all other ticket holding guests are able to book their FastPasses at midnight 30 days prior to their first day of ticket use.  They can use their hard tickets in lieu of a Magic Band (or purchase their own Magic Bands from the Disney store).

Every ticket holder is eligible for FastPass+!!

Do I have to pay a fee to access the FastPass+ system?

Never!!  FastPasses are a complimentary service offered to Disney World Park guests.

Is a FastPass a guaranteed or reserved spot?

Yes and no.  FastPass+ allows a reserved time range or preferred viewing.  It does not provide an exact entry time like a Dining Reservation.

For rides, guests are typically given a choice of one hour increments for entry.  For example, “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train from 6:05-7:05”.  You have one hour to scan your Magic band or ticket at the ride’s FastPass+ entry.

If you are using a FastPass for an experience, you are allowed to enter the reserved area approximately one half hour prior to the beginning of that particular experience.

Example Fast Pass+ and Dining Reservations Itinerary

Example FastPass+ and Dining Reservations Itinerary


How many FastPasses can a guest pre-book?

Guests are allotted three FastPasses in one park a day.  Once used, additional FastPasses can be booked one at a time at an in-park kiosk or through the My Disney Experience App.

** Note the experiences scheduled in the photo below.  All FastPasses were used by 12:50.  This family used their FP, enjoyed lunch at Be Our Guest, returned to their hotel for a short rest, then visited Epcot in the evening.  Once in Epcot, they were able to book an additional Fast Pass for Mission:Space (at an in-park kiosk). At that time, they bypassed a 90 minute stand by line!

Example Fast Pass+ and Dining Reservation itinerary

Example FastPass+ and Dining Reservation itinerary



As you can see, FastPass+ scheduling provides a huge advantage to planning your Disney World visit.

And remember, FastPasses do not require an extra fee or require a reservation at a Disney World Resort.  All guests of Disney World Parks, with a valid ticket and access to “mydisneyexperience” are eligible to use the FastPass+ rides and attractions.