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by Disney Magic Diva

Menehune Adventure TrailThere is so much magic to be found at a Disney Resort.  And when you combine the history and tradition of the Hawaiian Islands with Disney – well, you can be sure to find plenty of whimsy and wonder. If you’re looking for some pixie-dusted magic when visiting Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, you’ll want to be sure to explore the Menehune Adventure Trail 

Menehune (men neh HOO nay) are tiny, slightly mischievous, mythical creatures who are extraordinary craftsmen. Hidden throughout Aulani Resort, you can find small sculptures of Menehune where you might least expect them.  (We saw one on top of a ledge in the elevator!)  Since children are often more accepting of magic, many of the sculptures are hidden where children may be more likely to spot them. So keep your eyes open when walking around the resort – they could be anywhere!

Menehune Adventure Trail

There’s a Menehune statue up on that ledge!


The Menehune Adventure Trail is a complimentary activity for guests of all ages at Aulani Resort.  It’s an interactive scavenger hunt which takes you throughout the resort.  While anyone is welcome to participate, it’s best suited for pre-teens and older.  Naturally, younger guests accompanied by parents will also have a magical time on the Menehune Adventure Trail.


To begin, head to the Pau Hana community hall located on the first floor of the Ewa Tower (where the Disney Vacation Club villas are located). Here, you’ll sign out an iPad and begin your adventure.  There are two different trails – you can choose one that’s generally focused on the lobby area or another that roams throughout more of the resort. Menehune Adventure Trail

On your adventure, you’ll watch a series of short videos on your iPad narrated by Aunty.  (Aunty is the beloved host of Aunty’s Beach House, the kids’ club at Aulani Resort.) Each video will give you clues to solve, and the clues will lead you to various landmarks around the resort. As you reach each destination, you will be treated to a little magic! An image may appear on a rock, a painting may come to life, or pixie-dust may fly around a statue.  Whatever magic occurs, you’ll be sure to be enthralled and surprised at the work of the Menehune.

If you’ve ever enjoyed Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, you’ll find this is somewhat similar. (Check out Soarin’ Diva’s article on Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom!) While it naturally doesn’t focus on defeating villains, the Menehune Adventure Trail is the same kind of fun, interactive experience.  You’ll learn interesting facts about the Hawaiian culture and traditions, find carvings of the Menehune, and have a memorable adventure. It’s a wonderful way to spend an hour or so when you’re tired of lounging by the infinity pools or soaking up the sun on the white sand beach. (ok, maybe not TIRED of it, but ready to just stretch your legs a bit.)

If you’re ready to find some magic in paradise at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, be sure to contact Patricia at All for Dreams Travel.  She can help arrange the perfect getaway for you and your family, and you’ll soon be saying “Aloha!”

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