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by Beauty & the Beast Diva

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Fall is my favorite time of year, at home and at Walt Disney World. The foliage, the decorations, the perfect weather, but most of all, FOOTBALL. Being from New England (but a Giants fan) we take our football very seriously. Sundays are a football day of obligation for us, and being in Disney is no excuse not to fulfill this most wonderful of all days. I fully enjoy taking time away from the park to enjoy a little football when I’m visiting Disney, and the BEST place to do it is the ESPN Club at the Boardwalk Hotel. espn 2

Now I can tell you this- if your team has the 1:00 p.m. game, GET THERE AROUND 11:00, because there will be a line down the boardwalk to get in. But you WILL get in eventually… this place is 13,000 square feet. Once you get to the door, the hostess will ask you which game you are there to see and will seat you accordingly. There are nearly 100 TVs in the restaurant and you can even keep up with the games in the bathrooms because there are TVs over each stall! Keep your eyes out for the in-house commentators. You won’t miss a thing with LIVE play by plays and a little entertainment during commercials and time outs.

You will be surrounded by sports fans from all over the country, or even the world. There is such great team spirit. Anytime my Giants scored a touchdown we were all high fiving and doing victory dances. My husband, a Packers fan, had only a couple other fellow Cheeseheads on site, but they were all equally as excited as their Pack scored touchdowns! Still, be prepared for some heckling and light hearted fun because there are a LOT of diehard fans there.espn 3

There is a huge bar with more than 40 monitors located in the restaurant as well for those 21 and over, or if your hubby wants to escape the madness of the parks for a while. It’s a great place to belly up the bar and hang out with other solo sports fans. There is also an arcade attached the restaurant, as games can last quite some time and younger family members may feel a little restless; make sure they check it out! And finally, the coolest place to check out your favorite team is in the Premium Club Seats. Just kick back and relax on the huge leather recliners and catch your favorite game on the big screen. You will be waited on and never have to leave the chairs- just be sure to make a reservation far in advance because there’s only two!

Now onto the food: IT IS AMAZING. I went for the games, but stayed for the food. I’m not a huge wings and beer drinker, but I had wings and beer to start and just kept on ordering! Don’t miss out on their burgers and sandwiches, as well as their flatbreads. And for those who need a cocktail, their mixed drinks are sure to satisfy and their craft beers are delicious!espn 4

Don’t miss out on your favorite game and bring the family along. The atmosphere and sheer size of this place is sure to keep you happy and occupied for quite some time! Enjoy your favorite game day food and drinks all while watching your favorite team.