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By Dopey Diva


Let it Go, Let it Go………..I know some people are tired of the Frozen craze that has been sweeping the nation over the past few months.  I personally am not one of those people. I am part of the millions of Frozen fans who has loved it since the first time seeing the movie. In fact, my youngest son and I saw Frozen in the theater 7 times.  We really enjoyed the Frozen sing-a-long!!  So you can imagine my excitement when I was able to make it to Disney World during this magical time of Frozen Frenzy.

Normally we are not early risers and seldom take advantage of the extra magic morning hours nor do we normally arrive at the parks before opening, but I knew I would only be at Disney World for less than 3 days this year and wanted to catch the opening show at the Magic Kingdom before rope drop. Somehow my husband and I managed to arrive almost an hour before the park opened.  We were able to find ourselves a great spot to view the show and I am glad we did because, not only do I love it, but Anna and Elsa were on the train….so exciting!!

As the crowds of people raced down Main Street we took our time because we were not about to attempt to wait in the line for the Anna and Elsa meet and greet located at Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland. I know we should have used our fast pass+ and I recommend it to anyone who really wants to meet Anna and Elsa, but I felt there were other things we wanted do and I would meet them another time. We enjoyed our day at the park and especially enjoyed watching the new Festival of Fantasy Parade. The new parade is absolutely amazing, all the floats and costumes are beautiful and the one added bonus is…guess who is in the parade….Anna, Elsa, and Olaf!



There are Frozen souvenirs located throughout the Magic Kingdom. The Main Street Confectionery has many different treats all Frozen themed, Sir Mickey’s seems to have turned into the Princess store and has several Frozen items such as dolls, Christmas decorations, dresses, toys, just about anything you could want from Frozen. There is also a pressed penny machine where you can make a penny with Elsa. There are several balloon vendors throughout the park where you can find Frozen balloons as well.


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I had walked by Princess Fairytale Hall several times throughout the day and even though there was only a 60 minute wait for Anna and Elsa at one time, I couldn’t bring myself to wait that long. But something very magical happened the day I was there and I was given a special fast pass for my husband and myself to use at either a character meet and greet or certain rides. I was SO excited when I saw Anna and Elsa were one of the meet and greets!!! I hurried over to the fast pass line and we walked right in. I then found out why the wait times can be so long, the characters interaction with the children and even adults is amazing. Anna and Elsa both take their time and talk with everyone in the group and truly give them the magical feeling that Disney is all about. Once it was my turn I went to talk with Anna and she was so much fun! She talked about my hair, it was in braids like hers, and asked if I had a sister to help me like she had hers. Next we went to meet Elsa and she was just as wonderful. She told me how Anna had trouble fixing her hair and what a mess it was in the mornings. She asked how I did my hair and if I could give Anna tips because Anna tended to always have chocolate in her hair. I had the best time visiting with them and truly felt like I was in their magical world. Seeing as I am an adult I can’t even imagine how the children that meet them must feel. This truly was one my favorite experiences at Disney World.

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