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By Pink Diva

Frozen Fan Fest is Back!  It’s been almost a year since Frozen 2 was released, which means it’s time to celebrate!  Frozen Fan Fest is hosting a virtual playdate on Sunday, October 18 for all Frozen fans.

The Frozen Fan Fest Virtual playdate starts at 12pm ET (9am PT).  Television Chef Ayesha Curry is hosting this years event.  You can watch the playdate at WWW.DISNEY.COM/FROZENFANFEST.  This is a one-day/time only event, so be sure to check out the Frozen Virtual Playdate Schedule.

Frozen Fan Fest Virtual Playdate

Schedule of events.

This years playdate focuses on the five elements.  Each element has a few different parts and lasts half an hour each.  There is a musical aspect.  Each element will have a craft.  You can find the list of items needed Frozen Fan Fest Materials.  Most items you will probably already have on hand.  However, check out the full list to make sure you have everything you will need before the playdate.

Frozen Fan Fest Virtual Playdate

Materials needed

The playdate will start with Water.  We will see a message from Anna and Elsa from Frozen the Musical.  Next you can draw a snowman and it looks like do some wintery watercolors.  The first sing-a-long starts with “Some things never change.”

Fire is the next element.  We get to see host Ayesha Curry give us a cooking lesson.  Will she cook something with fire or will it be something frozen?  You better watch to find out!  Jason Maybaum will be hosting a fireside story time.  He plays Levi Grayson in the Disney Channel show, Raven’s Home.  For this craft you will be making Bruni.  He is one of the cutest little sidekicks Disney has, so I’m especially excited about this one.  Next, get your singing voice warmed up, because “Into the unknown” is this elements sing-a-long choice.

The third element is Earth.  Earth dioramas are up first.  Shoe boxes are great for dioramas, however, any box/bin will probably work.  Frozen Suite Dreams is up after the dioramas.  I’m not sure what this will entail, but maybe we will see some new hotel room themes?  Lego is up next!  If you already own any Frozen Lego, this is a great time to get the out.  If not, use your imagination and build what you want.  Lastly, my favorite song from the movie is up for the sing-a-long: “Lost in the woods.”  Channel your inner Kristoff and 80’s music video star and rock out!

Wind is the fourth element for the playdate.  An American Sign Language tutorial with Sarah Turbert is up first.  Next we will learn to send secret origami messages.  After the origami we can go a little wild with the Frozen Fall Birthday Bash!  Do you think Gale will make an appearance at the party?  “Some things never change” is up again, but this time from the cast of Frozen 2.

Frozen Fan Fest Virtual Playdate

Don’t forget to dress in your best Frozen fashion!

The fifth element finishes the playdate.  First up is Frozen fashion.  If you have any Frozen apparel, now is a great time to wear it!  We will be singing along to “All is found.”  Next up is the craft.  We will be making snowflakes from glue and salt.  These can turn out so pretty, so you don’t want to miss it.  A little Halloween fun is going to be up next with Tricks and Treats.  Lastly, the playdate then ends with a dance party!

Stay tuned for the whole playdate for fun surprises as well!  This is a great, fairly simple activity to do with the whole family.  It only takes a few hours and has something for everyone.  Use the hashtag #FROZENFUNFEST to show everyone how you enjoyed the playdate.