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by Pin Trading Diva


Proper packing for a Disney trip is one of the key components to a well planned vacation. It’s also a topic that we here at Tips from the Disney Divas and Devos have come across before.  Character Diva has answered readers typical packing questions in an article here, while Run Diva gave us the “run” down on how to pack for a half marathon weekend here.  Disney Magic Diva has even calmed our spirits with an article on how to avoid a packing meltdown! Let’s just say that we’ve covered more than the basics on packing tips for the average Disney fan.

But sometimes we look so hard at our packing list that we forget – we are going on vacation! And vacation is supposed to be FUN! So this article is encouraging us to step away from the folding of socks and stuffing of snacks to focus on the FUN essentials needed in our packing process.



packing for disney , mickey ears

Pin Trading Diva donning her Diamond Anniversary Ears

Mickey Ears: One of the biggest symbols of a Disney Park Fan has to be their ears – their Disney ears! Any fan, child or child at heart, can don a pair of characterized Disney ears, the trick is picking which pair to wear. Want to go with the classic mouse ears with Minnie’s red and white bow? How about a yellow pair with fuzzy ears to represent our favorite bear Winnie the Pooh? But how can you forget a celebratory pair for occasions like the Diamond Anniversary at Disneyland? Why not pack them all and you don’t have to decide until the day of!





packing for disneyCamera: Whether or not the photopass is in your budget – you are going to need a camera for your trip. It can be on your phone or you can even bring your own DSLR – but picture taking is an essential to a memorable Disney Vacation! As mentioned in my article on character meet and greets, it’s a good idea to have photos on all your devices. Using a PhotoPass Photographer can be helpful in getting those professional photos, but don’t forget that you can check on your Photopass Account from both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Apps. (give yourself about 30 minutes from after the photo was taken before you check online)


If you want to capture those magical moments with your own camera feel free to do so (but do avoid the selfie stick). Looking at a Disney Park through the lens of a camera gives you a whole new view of your surroundings. Packing something fun like a camera in your bag will be sure to get you excited for your vacation!


packing for disney

Autograph Swag: Getting your picture with characters is only half the fun of Character Meet and Greets at Disney Parks. You might also want to capture that character’s autograph – it’s quite the collector’s item! Try to keep sharpies and pens in your bag at all times just in case you walk upon someone signature worthy. I know that hunting down each signature is a challenge the whole family will enjoy and while you can buy a perfectly nice autograph book in the parks for $7.95 and up to keep those signatures, there are several cheaper and down right creative options for you to choose from to store character’s signatures (check out Character Diva’s article on 5 DIY Autograph “Book” Ideas, book being a relative term here) You could also have character’s sign post cards or even drawings you’ve done from Animation Academy and more – all of these ideas are FUN essentials to add to your bag while you are in the park!



packing for disney, pin tradingPins for Trading: As Pin Trading Diva, this FUN essential to bring with you on your Disney vacation is one of my personal favorites – Disney Pins! You can read the run down on this addicting hobby here, but here’s what you need to know to pack. A well accustomed Disney Pin Trader should always have a series of “traders” (pins that you are willing to trade in the parks), a lanyard (I bring 2 – one for trades and one to show off some of my personal collection!), and lots – I mean LOTS of pin backs. I don’t know how many times I’ve lost pin backs while walking around the parks. All of this may mean some extra weight in your bags – but to see the look on any trader’s face after finding a much wanted pin makes all the effort in packing well worth it! You may need a little magic to fit all the pins you buy while you are there in your bags for the trip home too!




packing for disney

Hidden Mickey Books / Quest Books: Have you heard of a Hidden Mickey? There are tons of them in the park and they all tie into a fun game of seek and find. Wishes Diva explains the do’s and don’ts of Hidden Mickey’s here, but let me tell you what you need to pack. Online or in the parks you will be able to find Hidden Mickey Books, written to hint at the location of each Hidden Mickey in the park. This skinny little addition to your bag gives way for fun in between moments in the parks while you are waiting around for magic to happen. Another fun book to bring is a Disney Quest Book. Try searching online for something like Nancy Temple Rodrigue’s edition for Disneyland here. The same idea applies for the books, except these quests have you scouring hidden details and ride details instead of Hidden Mickey’s – and the fun is the same! Try packing one of these for your next Disney vacation.




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“Are you my father?”

Plushies:  Another small edition to your bag has to be a Disney plushie. Just like with Mickey Ears, it can be hard to choose just one adorable character in stuffed form – so pack them all! You never know what magic will happen when you carry a FUN essential on your vacation. For example, I brought my favorite villain’s assistant plushie, Mr. Smee, to the park during the Soundsational Parade and as luck would have it Mr. Smee himself saw his biggest fan in the crowd (me!) and bent down on one knee to kiss my hand. Glad I packed for FUN huh? Check out this photo op Bing Bong got himself into as well – magic is everywhere!



So now in addition to packing enough pants and making sure the little ones have sunblock you have a list of FUN packing items to take with you on your Disney vacation. Think we forgot something? Add it to our list in the comments! Thanks for reading and now that you’ve got your packing all planned out be sure to contact our Disney Travel Agent Patricia at All for Dreams Travel to finish planning the rest of your visit to the Parks!


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