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Author: Teen Diva

Are you already thinking about a packing list for your next Disneyland vacation? Do you have kids above the age of 13? Here are a few things you MUST pack to have everything you need for Survival Through The Seasons :

Are you going from September to January?

  • Jeans are appropriate for this time of year. Let them bring 1 or 2 pairs of shorts just in case!
  • Short sleeve shirts are good for layering (It can get warmer in the afternoon)
  • A lanyard (For passes and room keys) – Here is a LINK to a bunch of cute affordable ones!
  • A bathing suit (Helllooooo hot tubs)
  • All your chargers; phone, camera, laptop EVERYTHING.

Here is an idea I LOVE-Are you going during the holidays and nervous about spending too much cash on souvenirs? Before you leave, give your teen a pre-set amount of money and incentive to manage it wisely. For example: tell them they can keep all the money they don’t spend, that saves you money in the future and teaches them to not spend money just because they can.

They WILL need money for:
  1. Snacks
  2. Gifts for friends
  3. Souvenirs
Teen Diva Tip: Teens are more careful about their spending when they feel like it is coming out of their pockets! So be careful to not be the “bank of mom or dad” while at Disney!

Are you going from February to May?

  • Shorts and capris are best for the climate.
  • Short sleeve shirts are fine as long as you have a sweatshirt or sweater with you as it cools down as the day goes on.
  • Bring your own rain ponchos. It is officially hot enough to go on wet rides! (ponchos in park are = $$$)
  • Sunscreen! Sun burns are not flattering!

Want your teen to dress appropriately in hot weather even to amusement parks?
There are plenty of ways to look cute and stay cool while not look totally inappropriate for a FAMILY PARK! BUT…. if they are not convinced, have them READ THIS! GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE at Disneyland 🙂

Are you going from June to August?

  • Avoid weekends.
  • Get to the park early or stay late!
  • Take breaks through out the day!
  • Wear light breathable clothing, it can get really hot.
  • Bring waterproof shoes if you plan to get wet! (I can swear by VIBRAM five finger toe shoes. They may look weird but I wore them the whole time at Disneyworld. They felt like a dream.)
  • Hat. (I always splurge on a hat at Disneyland. Too cute!)
So, if your teen can remember to keep these things in mind you will have a great time whatever the season!
Stay Disney,
Teen Diva:)