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by Pin Trading Diva


004Here at the Tips from the Disney Divas / Devos we like to show appreciation to those that make our vacation as magical as possible. Cast Members work harder than anybody to answer your questions and add pixie dust to you and your family’s Disney vacation. But what do we know about these Cast Members? What brings magic to their day? This series of articles known as “Getting to Know Your Cast Members” will shed some light on our unsung heroes of the park.

This week we are featuring John, from Huntington Beach, CA.  John is a Cast Member in Oswald’s Gas Station in Disneyland California Adventure, who also trades pins with guests. He always gives a friendly hello to my mom and I when we are in the parks. The following is a paraphrased interview between me (Pin Trading Diva), and John. Let’s find out who John really is!


  1. How long have you worked here / what different places or positions have you worked at?


I was hired in 2000 so this will be 15 years for me towards December. I’ve worked in the stores mostly and am also trained as a lead. I can do hat writing for collectibles as well. I was also a Super Trader for a while (Super Traders  were Cast Members with jackets full of pins that walked the park solely to Pin Trade with guests. The park does not have Super Traders at the moment) which I thought was really fun.


  1. Is there a story that brought you to Disney that you are willing to share?


I was hired for Disney California Adventure for its opening at a job fair. They hired several thousand at a time and I got the job on my first try.


  1. What’s is your favorite / least favorite thing about working at Disney?


Favorite: Interacting with guests from all around the world and getting to know some interesting people.

Least Favorite: Nothing I can say.


  1. What is your most memorable guest interaction / experience?


Ah, there are too many to say.


  1. How do you like to spread Disney Magic?


I really like pin trading magic the best. I often hold pins in reserve for special moments when I can hand them out to someone I think is special.


  1. Any advice to guests looking to become Cast Members?


I definitely recommend working for the Mouse. It’s a rewarding experience. I would say to apply online first.


  1. Favorite Character:


Oswald because well I work at his gas station. But my favorite character changes all the time.


Favorite movie:
I like Tim Burton movies, and Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites.


Are you Team Heroes or Team Villains:


I’d have to say Villains but it depends on each movie. I’m partial to  Oogie Boogie but I have to many to choose from.


  1. What is your favorite CM costume in the parks?


The Tower of Terror costumes are my favorite because it’s very different from the regular retail costumes I wear.


  1. If you came to Disney on your day off how would you spend your day?


Not a lot of rides for me. I would just like to interact with my co workers and guests and definitely do some pin trading. I mainly collect Duffy and Oswald pins.
10. Must have food item in the park:


The Dole Whip is a classic and I’m fond of the  Mediterranean Restaurant in Disney California Adventure, it’s called Paradise Garden Grill.


11. Have you visited any other Disney parks? Which is your favorite and why?


Yes I’ve been to Walt Disney World and Disneyland in Tokyo. I really like Epcot in Florida.

12. If you had the chance to meet Walt Disney in person, what would you say/ask?


Did you imagine that your empire would have grown so big all over the world?


Well there’s some knowledge about one of our favorite cast members! Thanks again John! And if you see John around California Adventure, make sure you stop by and say hello!