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Fantasmic! Theater at Hollywood Studios

By Fantasmic Diva

Ladies and gentlemen…the famous glow with the show ears are coming to Florida! The concept of these special ears is that of the Osborne lights, they dance to the music and the show going on and make you part of the magic! The ears are embedded with a special chip that is activated during the show and the ears of everyone wearing them literally glow with the show!

They came to Hollywood Studios first to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Fantasmic!, the signature nighttime spectacular of the park on October 15. The next two shows to be synchronized with the ears are Wishes, the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom and Celebrate the Magic, the projection show on the castle at the same park. These two shows will be added beginning on October 19. The next shows to role out are going to be the Christmas shows. At the start of the holiday season, The Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights and Holiday Wishes: Celebrate the Spirit of the Season will also be synced up to the ears.

The ears were a huge success in Disneyland and they are sure to be a hit on the east coast! The best part…you only have to buy one pair of these special ears in order to participate in any show with the capability in both parks. That’s right, for those who have already bought ears in Disneyland, bring them with you! They will work in WDW as well! The ears are adaptable to each show as it rolls out! I will definitely be grabbing my pair before the peak of holiday season and from the videos I have seen from California, I can’t wait to see how they dance live! I have been hoping these ears would join the others in WDW since I heard about them in Disneyland! When wearing these ears, I would almost advise sitting or standing at the back of the show so that you can see all of the people wearing ears! They look best when there are a lot of people wearing them! The ears will cost $25, a bit more than regular ears but well worth it to be involved in the show! Check out this video from Disney Parks to see how they work!!