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by Pin Trading Diva

011It is very common to see lovebirds on dates at Disney Parks. It can be one of the most romantic places to go and be together. Riding rides, kissing during the fireworks, sharing a churro – it just screams LOVE , especially during February where it’s the season of love. So what are you to do if you don’t have a special someone to share the love with? There are plenty of us out there and why can’t we do all these romantic things too? Well grab a group of friends and make a date, rather a play date! This way you can join together and have fun  whether you make a date with your friends, siblings, coworkers, even your mom!- showing off to the couples that are there that anyone can have a date at Disneyland! So here’s a few ideas on how to make your play date extra special.

  1. Dressing the Part: You and your group have to look like you’re together while you are on your date. So wear matching ears to commemorate the occasion. Or try making shirts that say “Play Date 2015” on them! You could even Disneybound (or dress as a Disney character or characters in modern clothing) as your favorite bunch of Disney characters – like the Lost Boys from Peter Pan or Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, or even your favorite princesses. People will notice that you’re together on a play date if you look the part!
  2. Riding Group Rides: Couples will ride slow dark rides at Disney Parks like Peter Pan or Haunted Mansion where they can snuggle and be together. Well on play dates the goal is to have fun! So ride some crazy fun rides while you are there! Try the Tea Cups and spin til you get sick, or get totally soaked on Grizzly River Run at California Adventure. Ride rides that will make memories of the playful times you have, not the mushy snuggly kind. 014
  3. Sharing Foods: Everyone gets hungry at a Disney Park, and when you’re on a play date it is no different. Go ahead and take a break and share some popcorn or cut up a caramel apple to spread around the group. There’s lots more playing to do so fuel yourself up!032
  4. Group Photos: Commemorate your play date with some special photographs from the day. Make funny poses on Space Mountain or take a picture of everyone jumping with your favorite Disney character. If you’ve got the funds you could even get a caricature of the people in your party to take home with you. You could make a special album of pictures from the day.023
  5. Watching a Show: There are many shows to watch at a Disney park. Start the day off with a performance of Frozen at the Royal Theater in Fantasy Faire at Disneyland Park. Then make it over to California Adventure to dance and sing along with the Newsies on Buena Vista Street. After it gets dark take time to see the fireworks or even the frightfully fun Fantasmic. Make memories by enjoying a show together as a group.

So there are 5 tips on how to make an amazing (play) date at a Disney park. This way you can have fun just like those lovebirds on Valentine’s day. Make your play date a day to remember, and be sure to act like a kid, even if you might be an adult!


Play Well,

Pin Trading Diva