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By Pin Trading Diva


Here is my list for the top 5 Do’s and Don’t’s at a Disney Park:


  1. Misusing Strollers: If you are visiting a Disney Park with small children, bringing a stroller is a MUST. However, they are good and bad ways of using said strollers. For instance, using a stroller as a ramming device is a BAD idea. Getting from one ride to the next is important, but so are the feet of others – so don’t run them over! Everyone has to get to their destination safely, so make sure to drive your stroller with care! Also, strollers do not belong on escalators. That’s why Disney has created the rule that strollers must be used in elevators only, not escalators. This ensures the safety of others, and the children that go in those strollers.
  2. Stopping in the Middle of the Walkway: Veteran Disney addicts have one major pet peeve at the parks – people stopping in the middle of walkways. We understand that first timers get a little lost moving around the parks, or that is takes time to soak up all the magic that is around you. We want you to figure out where you are or appreciate what is around you; but the best way to do that without creating a road block is to step to the side of the walkway – not to stop in the middle! Road blocks slow everybody down and make getting around the parks more frustrating. To ease everyone’s minds make sure to take a minute and step to the side of the walkway to regroup.
  3. Disobeying Traffic Laws: Safety is the number one rule at a Disney Park, and around Disney parks. We all want to get to the parks and traffic gets in the way. Everyone is on edge, excited to enjoy themselves and we all want to park and get into the parks as soon as possible. However this excitement can cause us to cut corners, or in this case cut people off, and this leads to road rage. As we all know, road rage leads to accidents that can slow us down even more. So when getting to the parks, use your blinker, and some kindness, and be safe getting by.
  4. Wearing Inappropriate Clothing: In case you didn’t know, Disney parks are FAMILY oriented. You will find anyone, from children to grandparents, having fun and riding rides. Because of this, we need to be on our best behavior at the parks, including how we dress. Everyone will see what you are wearing, especially young ones, and will be influenced by whatever you have on. Since this is such a serious issue, Disney security does not take this lightly. Wearing scantily clad clothing, or even shirts with inappropriately dressed women or men on it, will cause a security guard to come over.  If you don’t want to have to change your clothes, do not come to the parks dressed in a way that would make your grandma unhappy!
  5. Using Bad Language: Just like I mentioned, family is an important role in Disney parks, and everyone is influenced by your language. So using inappropriate language or talking about inappropriate things is strongly discouraged. Just like if you were at a children’s school what you say is important. Be very sensitive with what you say and who is around you when you say it.



  1. Be Kind to Cast Members: The people who work at Disney parks, otherwise known as Cast Members, play an important role in running things. Their duties among other things, is to answer any questions you may have throughout the day. They deal with thousands of guests each and every day, which can be very overwhelming. So next time you interact with a Cast Member, remember to be kind. Their job is to make your day magical, but you can always make theirs by appreciating them. They make sure your day goes well and everything is done safely. So appreciate even the little things they do, like wishing you a happy birthday or throwing away your trash. It’s a little thing like that, that can add a little magic to both your day and theirs.
  2. Share the Magic: Cast Members aren’t the only people who can make your day magical, guest can do the same! If you see some sad child who needs cheering up, you buy the person behind you a pretzel at a food cart, or even if you give out pins to unsuspecting guests, you can always make someone’s day at a Disney park. It doesn’t take much, just a helpful smile or answering a question for someone, that really makes a difference. So next time you see an opportunity to make magic, accept the challenge!
  3. Share Your Seat: So you’ve waited 2 hours for the best seat for the parade, and you see a little girl behind you who just can’t see over the tall people. How can you make a difference? Why not let her sit in front of you or next to you? There might be enough room to squeeze her in. You can definitely help make someone’s day by sharing your spots at events. Whether you are at a parade or show, or just standing around for the fireworks, you can make room enough to give the person next to you a seat too. It doesn’t take much, just a little kindness, and you can share in the magic of Disney.
  4. Dress Appropriately: You can wear mostly anything within reason to a Disney park, but sometimes the most sensible attire is the best to wear. Save those high heels and mini skirt for a club and wear some nice walking shoes and a pair of comfortable pants to the park. You walk enough throughout the day that your feet should be comfy during that time, not howling in pain. You can always sport some cartoon related attire too (Disney themed of course!) Wearing a Mickey sweatshirt or a pair of ears are always encouraged. And you can even try the new Disney Bounding (dressing up as a modern day character) to show your Disney side.011
  5. Follow the Rules: Disney has made some rules so that you can enjoy the park safely. It’s important that we follow these rules so that we have fun while being safe. Whether its following a cast members direction on where to walk, or obeying the traffic laws on the way to a Disney park, it is essential to having a safe time at the park!

Have fun, and be safe!

Pin Trading Diva