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by Pin Trading Diva

There is a new craze hitting the world right now. No it’s not planking or an ice bucket challenge, but something even more popular. Welcome to the world of Pokémon Go! Kids and adults alike are grabbing their phones and  heading outside to play this all encompassing new app from Nintendo. With more users than Twitter and Facebook combined, this app for cell phones has reached a new level of attention.  What does this mean for Disney fans though? Well, let’s just say there are a lot more new adventures to pursue in the Disney Parks now! Read on to learn more about how to “Catch Em All” at your favorite Disney locations.


Are you ready to join the rest of the world and start catching Pokémon? Then download the Pokémon Go app on your smart phone and let’s get our hunt on! While you can hunt for Pokémon almost anywhere, populated areas are going to have the most Poke Stops (checkpoints) and Gyms (battle locations) due to the mass gathering of people that travel there. Local parks and shopping centers are known to have several of these and are a great way to get started.

But where does the world like to go the most? Well what about the Happiest Place on Earth! With so many people trafficking through Disney’s gates, there are many opportunities to get your Pokémon fix at Disneyland (and California Adventure). Just on Main Street alone there are at least 5 Poke Stops, and why stop there? The entirety of both parks have over 60 Poke Stops for you to visit! From the Petrified Tree and Mark Twain in Frontierland to Paradise Pier over in California Adventure – there is a lot to explore inside Disney.



Plus everywhere you go there are different Pokémon to be found. Water areas like Grizzly River Run or the Story Book Canal Boats often lead you to Water Type Pokémon like my all time favorite: the Squirtle. While Geodudes and Bell Sprouts  show up near earthy  areas like rocks and grass. Since Disneyland is filled with all different types of landscapes – there is a wide variety of creatures to find (although you may not find any Mickey Mouse Pokemons you may get your picture taken with a Mouse instead!)  All you have to do is wander around the park (any nook or crevice might hold a Pokémon). But PLEASE keep track of your surroundings! I know Disney is a lot to take in on its own and stopping in the middle of the walkway is a given anyways – but Pokémon Go can make up even more traffic in the park. If you see a Pokémon, be sure to step aside and catch it while you are out of guests’ ways.



IMG_2135 IMG_2136










IMG_2137Walking around isn’t a waste either. Not only are you getting exercise, you can incubate Pokémon eggs while you are walking as well! The more distance you walk the faster the egg incubates until – boom! The egg hatches and you have collected yourself a Pokémon! And with Disney being as big as it is, you will have no problem hatching those eggs.

And always keep an eye out for rare Pokémon like the all famous Pikachu. The more creatures you catch, the faster you can evolve your Pokémon until they are ready for battle. Speaking of battle, there are 2 Gyms (battle stations) at Disney: one in Disneyland at the Castle and the other in California Adventure. Here three teams: Mystic (Blue) vs. Valor (Red) vs. Instinct (yellow – and my team!) show off their Pokémon for an epic battle to hold the title of the Gym.



And there you have it – Pokemon Go is rather simple. Hunt, capture, and explore! Plus you and your entire family can spend time outside getting some exercise while still having an adventure. And there is even more magic to behold when you play at a Disney park so get on out there and see what you can catch! Please be safe and have fun trying to “Catch Em All!”

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