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by Pin Trading Diva

Tis the season of Star Wars here at Disneyland as the much awaited Season of the Force debuts in Tomorrowland. Crowds are growing bigger everyday with the Galactic additions to this new area. Here’s a few highlights of the goings on for your enjoyment.









Where does the Force compel you – the Light Side or the Dark Side? Well, during the Season of the Force you must choose your path when entering Tomorrowland. Both the Rebels and the Empire reside here now though – so you can get a taste of both!
















No longer do you hear that cheesy 80’s space music in Tomorrowland – because now the dramatic songs of the Star Wars universe take its place. Walking down the way to the Imperial March just might have been the highlight of my evening! DIVA TIP: Try to experience the wonders of the Season of the Force at night. Red and blue lights shine over everything and make for a more immersive experience.









To start off your experience be sure to watch the Path of the Jedi. This 10 minute mash up of all the films set in 4D sets you up for the events to come. It definitely got me pumped up for the newest movie coming to theaters!









0062 rides have been re-done for the Season of the Force. Star Tours, already fitting the theme, has added a new scene featuring clips from the new film being released later this year. The biggest change ride-wise however, is Hyperspace Galaxy. Now guests can take a ride through space – Star Wars style – by flying through a galactic space battle! Every visible inch in this ride covers ships and cruisers shooting lasers and blasting each other with you in the middle – plus the music makes everything more epic! Be prepared to wait in line for a while to ride this one though. For even with Fast Passes  it could take over 45 minutes to board this rollercoaster – but it is definitely worth it!




Another great addition to the area is the Star Wars Launch Bay. Filled with character meet and greets, props and displays, as well as a store as big as space,  this bottom floor of what used to be Innovations is incredible!









Disney Visa Card Members have a closed off meet and greet with Vader which has been very popular. But you can also get your picture with him and Chewbacca without a Visa Card. Chewy is one big furry fella that loves to give out hugs (and yes he really does make the sounds) and Darth Vader is quite intimidating. Vader really talks and even his breathing is enough to send shivers down my spine!





















Replicas and props fill the show floor highlighting previous films as well as the newest one coming out later this year. They’ve got models of ships, speeders, costumes, etc, giving you an up close view of the Star Wars Universe.

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Actual light sabers  used by Yoda, Darth Vader, etc ,  are in another room as well as the evolution of some of the helmets worn in the films. (I especially liked the Storm Troopers).

































There is a giant game room where you can play Disney Infinity using Star Wars characters and even play a themed version of Angry Birds – keeping the younger guests quite entertained.

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One of the coolest additions to the Star Wars Launch Bay in my opinion, is the life size replica of the cantina! Fit with appropriate music, you enter the cantina where you will find a bar lined with drinks and signs on the walls written in Aubresh. I swear you will feel like you traveled to Mos Eisley!

















Then comes the merchandise! To begin, they have the expensive replicas and life sized figurines for those wealthy avid collectors – including a life size Storm Trooper and Han Solo costume.

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One of my favorites for any fan is the customizable cell phone cases. Simply pick from a variety of styles and add your name (both in English and Aubresh!) starting at $35.95 – very unique!

















There is also star studded photos signed by the actors themselves up for sale and even a light saber umbrella! Disney really did think of everything!



























Pay close attention to Cast Members in these areas, there is something unique about their name tags. They don’t list what city the Cast Member is from, but what planet! Yes, I met a lovely lady from Tatooine who told me about her crazy Uncle and the hot weather there. By the way, she’s saving up enough money to send her whole family to Earth – she just loves the green scenery and cool weather here! Diva Tip: If you are interested in customizing your own Star Wars Name Tag head over to the hat store across from the entrance of the Launch Bay. There you can personalize a name tag with your name / planet / title / etc in many different colors and styles. Annual Passholders can even choose an exclusive darker colored tag. 

















Outside of the Launch Bay there are plenty of foods to fit your fancy – Star Wars style. Popcorn stands now have Tie Fighter buckets ( a whopping $19.50 per bucket!) and of course there is a BB-8 and Chewy Sipper for your drinks. But for a real galactic meal you need to head to the Galactic Grill.



















With some appropriately named food items you can get a delicious dish from both the Light and the Dark Side (just look at the drinks!). The First Order Specialty burger comes with a black bun and you can head over the Dark Side when you order Darth By Chocolate – a yummy parfait! Some items are spicy though – so make sure you can handle the heat.

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All in all, I’d say that the Season of the Force is upon us and it is glorious! Whether you are a super fan or barely heard of the movies you are guaranteed to have a grand time!


May the Force be with you,

Pin Trading Diva