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Halloween Decorations at Magic Kingdom

By Pink Diva

Halloween is a spooktacular time at Magic Kingdom.  Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is in full swing.  The Halloween parties start in August and run through November 1st.  This is a great event for the whole family to dress up and enjoy the Magic Kingdom.  You can choose Disney costumes, family theme costumes, or let everyone wear their favorite costume.  The Halloween party comes at an extra cost, but you can check out the decorations with your regular Magic Kingdom entrance ticket.

Halloween decorations at Magic Kingdom

Classic Mickey pumpkin.

Christmas is my favorite time to be in the park.  It’s such a magical time of the year and Disney is magic.  I don’t care for scary things, so the scary part of Halloween has never appealed to me.  But I LOVE holiday decorations. I tend to go all out at home, so seeing what Disney does always makes me happy. As Disney is for the whole family, they stay away from the downright scary aspects of Halloween.  There is a little fright, but nothing is going to jump out at you or give you nightmares.  This is why I love coming to the Magic Kingdom at Halloween.  I know I’ll see smiling pumpkins, character-like scarecrows, and lots and lots of orange and yellow garlands.

The most used Halloween decoration is a bright orange, happy, Mickey pumpkin surrounded with garland.  These large wreaths are on almost every light pole down Main Street and through the Hub, down to the castle.  These smiling Mickey’s remind us that Halloween can be fun, not just scary.



Halloween decorations at Magic Kingdom

A pair of scarecrows.

Halloween decorations at Magic Kingdom

A baseball player scarecrow.

Halloween decorations at Magic Kingdom

A girl scarecrow.

Once you cross under the train depot you are greeted by a series of large scarecrows.  My kids thought they were a little creepy, but they were not scared of them.  They definitely feel like Halloween.  They look like they are guarding a real pumpkin patch as they are situated in flower beds with perfect-sized pumpkins all around them.





Halloween decorations at Magic Kingdom

City Hall.

The Ice Cream Parlor is fully decorated up to the top.

The buildings are all decked out with garland, banners, and more pumpkins.  There are so many differently carved (fake) pumpkins all around.  Be sure to look up as some are sitting in the buildings windows and on balconies.






Mickey’s all ready for Halloween!

Halloween decorations at Magic Kingdom

How cute is the Mickey ghost?

Looking lower all the windows in the Emporium showcase all of the new Halloween merchandise.  The items are stacked on hay bales with pumpkins and ghosts all around.  Mickey and his friends have a few Halloween accessories on as well.  You can see all the merchandise in the store.  But, looking at it staged in the windows adds to the decor, instead of looking like advertising for particular items.  It also makes these items hard to resist because they look so cute.


Take a few minutes during your rush into Magic Kingdom to take in the extraordinary Halloween decorations.  It transports you into a world of small-town Halloween charm.  What decorations are your favorite: Halloween or Christmas?