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by Pin Trading Diva

Visiting Disneyland is one of the most magical decisions someone can make, but visiting Disneyland during the holiday season makes it even more magical! The park comes to life with all new decorations and events that practically “Scream” Halloween time. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of this Spooky Season right here at the Disneyland Park!


1. Try Seasonal Snacks/Treats
One of the best things about Halloween is the treats! (mind the tricks) and Disneyland is coming out with some tasty delicacies this season! The newest caramel apple is quite “corny” , after being dipped in caramel and enrobed in dark chocolate it has been generously supplied with , that’s right, candy corns! There is also a mummifying rice crispy Mickey with chocolate eyes, a chocolate mousse coffin with a candy Sally(from Nightmare Before Christmas) on top, and Haunted Mansion Clock Crispies decorated to look like the spooky clock from the ride. Try just one, or devour them all, these treats are sure to satisfy your Halloween cravings.


2. Riding Seasonal Themed Rides
The park is embracing Halloween completely by twisting some of their rides into seasonal frights for the season. Go chasing a fiery ghost through space in the haunting adventure Ghost Galaxy, taking over Space Mountain. And don’t forget to bring Christmas and Halloween together in a musical Haunted Mansion Holiday where your favorite characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas materialize for a swinging wake. Whether you want to scream or sing your way into the season, Disneyland has a ride for you.

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3. Photographing the Season
Being a photographer, I love snapping up all the Halloween-time fun at the Disneyland park. There are so many decorations – carved pumpkins, orange banners, crows, and leaves alike. But there are a few hidden gems that anyone with a camera can capture that really show the Halloween spirit here at the Park. Over by the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree, is a special display that changes decorations each season. During Halloween time, its adorned with leaves and pumpkins that make it a perfect spot for a family photo. Ray Bradbury’s Halloween Tree takes residence in Frontierland and is a must see at night. Lights and glowing pumpkins hang from the tree in spirit of the Halloween season and for your photo taking pleasure. And last but not least, the Dia De Los Muertos festival, also in Frontierland, brings out festive statues and decorations of skeletal proportions. You can pose with the statues or let them stand on their own, either way they make a spooky Halloween photo for your collection.

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4. Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree
There is one magical event that is a can’t miss here at the Disneyland Park, the Halloween Carnival over at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree. All around you are kid friendly seasonal games to play, and places where you see special pumpkin carvings . Plus there is our favorite Disney Characters are all dressed up in their Halloween best, Goofy as a skeleton and Minnie in a witch’s dress just to name a couple. And for the finale, there is a tent where you can conjure your very own villain! Step inside and say the magic words to bring out a Disney villain, then BAM photo op! There’s lots to see and do here, but its only around for the Halloween season, so hurry in!

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5. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
And last but not least, Mickey throws a Halloween bash so big this season, it’s a ticket only event. Be sure to get your ticket as the regular admission won’t get you into this shindig. Once the park closes to the public, thousands of guests enter for this private party. Bring your trick or treat bags, and wear your cutest costumes, because it’s party time! Go from station to station to collect your candy and ride some rides, now with shorter lines. Soak in the Halloween atmosphere and take home some special MNSSHP pins, just for the occasion. Take a break and snap a photo with your favorite Disney characters dressed in their spookiest attire. And don’t forget to join in the Halloween Cavalcade with Mickey and Friends down on Main Street, and end the night with a special fireworks show just for the season. This party may cost extra, but it’s a Spook-tacular event you and the kids won’t forget!

So whether you are visiting the park for the day, or coming out all season, Disneyland has got a Halloween adventure ready for you! Try anything, or everything there is to offer and make the most of your Disneyland Halloween experience!


Wishing you Happy Haunts,
Pin Trading Diva