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Disney World 2011 127

By Dopey Diva

Let’s face it, most people visiting Disney World are constantly on the go. Trying to get to the parks by in time for the park’s opening,  followed by racing to their favorite first ride or attraction of the day, and then running between Fastpass locations and making it in time for dining reservations, with little to no time to just relax and enjoy everything there is to see around them are all indicators of their demanding routine. I used to be that way (and still am to some extent), but I have learned to slow down, pay attention, and notice all the extra details that have gone into making the Disney parks more than just rides and characters. For example, walking down Main Street can be entertainment all in itself. The ground level store windows have wonderful decorations in them, but next time you are there, make sure you look up and pay attention to what is on the upper windows on these buildings.  You might be surprised at what you see.

Disney World 2011 415

Another great secret is on Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel located in Fantasyland. Did you know Cinderella has her own horse on the carousel and Prince Charming’s horse is located right beside it? Every since I told my youngest son about this, he ALWAYS wants to ride on Cinderella’s horse when we are there. Unfortunately it is not always available so I tell him the other horses belong to different princesses and that makes him happy. For anyone hoping to ride on Cinderella’s horse just look for the one with the gold ribbon on its tail.



I know everyone loves to shop when they are at Disney World and I bet you have been in Sir Mickey’s at least once or twice on your visit to the Magic Kingdom. Have you ever taken the time to look around the store at the cute decorations they have? The Brave Little Tailor Mickey is standing on a vine and Minnie is in there as well but have you ever looked up at the ceiling? If you do you will see somebody is peeking into the store.


Also in the Magic Kingdom I am sure everyone has noticed the new restroom area which is made to look like Rapunzel’s world with the beautiful lantern lights and Rapunzel’s tower. (This is my favorite bathroom in the Magic Kingdom.)

Across the walkway from this area is a great spot to sit and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Magic Kingdom. Did you notice the tree stumps in this area? Well in case you didn’t know, these are charging stations for your cell phones. So if you have your charger with you why not take a break, enjoy the view, and charge up your phone for a while.

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Leaving the Magic Kingdom and heading over the Animal Kingdom for one hidden secret I love but have only been lucky enough to find once is the amazing DiVine. She is normally located on the path between Africa and Asia and she blends into the foliage so well it is easy to miss her. If you are ever walking that way and see a large crowd of people stopped and staring at what looks like nothing, odds are they have found her!


These are just a few (definitely not all) of some hidden secrets at Disney World. Remember on your next vacation to Disney World to take time to relax, find a bench or nice quiet spot to rest, and look around at your surroundings.  You never know what secret you might find!