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By Dopey Diva

Let’s face it, we ALL want to be picked to do something special at Disney World. The top of my wish list is to be picked to stay a night in Cinderella Castle followed by being chosen to be the Grand Marshall in the parade. Unfortunately, that has not happened yet but I am forever hopeful one day my wish will come true!! Now for those of you wondering how to get chosen for such a wonderful dream I have to say there really is no rhyme or reason to how guests are chosen. I have heard people suggest getting to the Magic Kingdom very early and be friendly to the cast members and maybe they will choose you for the Grand Marshall. I have heard others suggest your entire family wear the same type of shirt and/ or hats which makes you stand out. These are all great things to try in hopes of being chosen but I really don’t know if they will work or not. Now for some other smaller events at Disney that you would like to participate in, I honestly believe it is all about being at the right place at the right time and this isn’t something you can really plan.

On my family’s last trip to Disney World I will say we were very lucky. We happened to just be walking through Frontierland headed to Pecos Bills for dinner when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, characters came out and started dancing. We were standing right in the area they were coming to and suddenly Big Al grabbed my youngest son’s hand and took him with him to dance. Other characters also grabbed hands of other children and they had a great time dancing away in the middle of Frontierland. It really was a magical moment.


During this same trip, we had a dining reservation at Sanaa. We decided to head over to the resort early since we had never been to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and  wanted to take a tour before dinner. (Diva Tip: Touring other resorts is a great way to spend a day at Disney if you are looking for a non park idea and Animal Kingdom Lodge is an amazing resort to visit.) As we were walking around the resort after our dinner, we came across some cast members playing drums. As my family stood around watching, one of the men invited my youngest son to join in and play the drums with them. My son loved it!


And once again, during this same trip, we were walking through Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom and saw the Sword in the Stone show was about to take place. In all my years of going to Disney World, I had never seen this show so I was excited to watch it. Well, wouldn’t you know it, they chose my brother-in-law to participate in the show and he got to attempt to remove the sword from the stone. Now I will say the shirt he was wearing could have been a reason he was chosen and for that reason I plan to make us all tie dye shirts before our next Disney vacation just in case!


For those of you who thought this article was going to get you picked for something special, I have to say I really don’t have a definitive answer for how to get picked. This was my 7th visit to Disney World and only the first time anyone in my family was picked to participate in these magical events. I say just keep an eye out for what is going on around you, you never know when you may be in the right place at the right time and you or a family member will be picked too!