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by Minnie Diva

My obsession for The Walt Disney World Resort is the most identifiable trait about me. It has grown so much over the past couple of years that I, along with my family, have been a Passholder for about two years now. And these have been the best two years of my life.

It dawned on my mom and I in early March that we hadn’t been to Disney in over a month, and that simply wouldn’t do. So we picked a weekend, booked a hotel, and decided to drive down Saturday morning, live it up Saturday night and Sunday morning, and then leave Sunday afternoon. In The World for less than 24 hours? Yup. Crazy? Yup.

If you have a (major) Disney problem like us, are pressed for time, tight on money, or are simply interested in trying out this adventure, here’s how we did it!

Step 1: Plan

This is key to any Disney trip, but especially important when you have such little time. We realized booking a Disney hotel was necessary for this trip, so we could maximize Extra Magic Hours. After that we booked our Fastpasses. Being that the trip was so close, we were surprised at what we were still able to get. I was able to ride Tower of Terror, Rock n’ Roller Coaster, and Space Mountain. #blessed.

Step 2: Meals

This is a little separate from planning, because there are two routes you can take here. A) Quick and fast so you can ride more rides or B) Character so you can fill up and see a bunch of characters at a time. We chose option B because meeting characters is our favorite part of Disney World, to be honest. We had dinner at 1900 Park Fare on Saturday, and lunch at Hollywood and Vine on Sunday. Yum. Eating two big meals (with a couple snacks in between) was a great way to see a bunch of our faves, and not waste time in quick service lines.

Chilling with the best friend

Chilling with the best friend

Step 3: Prioritize

I love the Princess Fairytale Hall to death. Whether it’s Anna and Elsa, or Cinderella and Rapunzel—both experiences are always awesome. However, they both usually have pretty long lines. While we were there, the Anna and Elsa line was over an hour, and Cindy and Rapunzel’s was around 45 minutes. On some occasions, I would wait this long. (Fun fact: My mom and I waited four hours in 85 degree weather to meet Anna and Elsa while they were still in Norway at Epcot. Worth every minute.) But since this trip was so short, we decided to squeeze in other things instead. Such as Mickey’s Philharmagic and meeting Ariel at her grotto! Both were super fun, and more time sensitive than waiting at the Fairytale Hall. Another thing we prioritized was that we only went to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Trying to tackle all four parks would just be too much, as well as add unnecessary stress, or waste time. Making sure to go to time friendly attractions and shows made this trip worth it. As for everything else, there’s always other trips!

Step 4: Relax

If you want to do a whirlwind trip like this, the most important thing to remember is to relax, have fun, and make the most of every minute. There is going to be a lot of stuff you won’t have time for, and that’s okay! Take time to smell the Dole Whips. One of my favorite moments from our trip was watching the castle show and Wishes on the new lawn. (Protip: If you get a Fastpass for this, get there early to get the best spot. Learned this the hard way.) It wasn’t exactly quick, but the whole thing was so magical I didn’t care one bit. Don’t let the pressure of a short trip stop you from enjoying yourself. After all, you’re in the most magical place on Earth, even if only for a brief amount of time!


Seriously... don't miss out

Seriously… don’t miss out

I absolutely loved this trip and the memories made on it. People doubted us, called us crazy. And, in all honestly, we were. Disney World in less than 24 hours is a daring challenge, and one I’m so glad I took on. And I hope you take it on too!