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By Pink Diva

You want to experience every second you have at Disney, but if you’re anything like me, you tend to run a little late.  (Or a lot late, if I’m being honest).  I try, I really do.  But not only do I have to get myself ready, but I have two kids and all of their stuff as well.  My husband is great at the loading part, but actually getting everything set and ready for the day falls to me.

photo 3

Transportation and Tickets

You intend to get there by rope drop.  Which for me is still an illusion, since I’ve never made it there that early.  But, one thing leads to another, and it’s almost 10am.  Since the Magic Kingdom is located on an “island”, it is magnificent to approach, but takes forever to get there.


Looking out from the monorail

photo 2

One of the boats










Here are my tips for getting into the Magic Kingdom quickly and easily.

  • Buy your tickets before getting to the park.  This will save you time in line and your sanity.  Have your Magic Bands linked up and ready to go.
  • If you are driving, follow the signs AND your GPS.  The signs are great, but usually don’t give you enough time for turns or lane changes.
  • If parking, try to park in the Villains lot.  It’s a closer to walk than the Hero lot.  Then WALK!  You have to fold up strollers if you take the tram-which at this point is usually packed.  It’s about a 5-8 minute walk from the farthest point.
  • Know when buses leave from your hotel.  You don’t want to miss one and have to wait.
  • If you do miss a bus that goes straight to the Magic Kingdom, take one to Transportation and Ticket Center.
  • Go to the bathroom at the Transportation and Ticket Center.  There are bathrooms on both sides and worth it to use them before getting into the park.  You won’t have to stop the fun to look for a bathroom right away.
  • Skip the buttons.  Not really, but you can get them without having to wait at Will Call or the ticket line.  Ask the front desk if you are staying at a Disney hotel.  Stop by the big top in Storybook Circus for a button as well!
photo 1 (1)

Visit a Cast Member in Storybook Circus for a button!

  • Will you go by land, sea, or rail?  The buses are usually the fastest during peak times.  Not the most fun, but it gets the job done.  The monorail is probably the most fun, but not necessarily the fastest.  In our experience, the boats seem to be the way to go.  They hold a lot of people, run regularly and drop you off close to the entrance.  While getting to the MK, check out where you want to go first.  Know where your first FastPass is and where you need to go to make it. Before you enter, you will need your bag checked.  If you don’t have any bags, skip this and go right through.  If you have bags, have them off your shoulder or stroller, open and ready.  Look at the people in the lines.  Sometimes the longest lines are families with only one bag where the shortest lines are comprised of people where each person has a bag.
  • Lastly, swipe your Magic Band and you are in!  At this point you are probably rushing to make your first FastPass time and will a little magic, you will.
AK bus ride 3

Riding the bus

No matter what time you arrive, be safe.  It’s not worth rushing and putting people in danger.  Besides, you never know what you will see when trying to get to your destination!