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by Pin Trading Diva

057Being at Disney is magical. Every moment there is like a dream come true, complete with pixie dust. But what are you to do on a day when you’re NOT at Disney? How do you keep that magic going on a Non-Disney Day(aka Real Life)? Well, here’s a few ideas that will help spread some pixie dust into your everyday life!



  1. Dress Disney: The most magical part of your morning could be dressing up Disney style! Try Disney Bounding (or dressing as a Disney character using modern clothing) where the hunt for each outfit keeps your mind focused on Disney! If you like getting your nails done, why not get Disney inspired nail art like Minnie’s polka dots or sprinkles of “Pixie Dust”, even hidden Mickeys to spice things up. And if you are adventurous wear your Mickey Ears out and about – home, work, hey, even Walmart! Show your love of Disney to the world! Don’t forget the little ones in your household too. Do your kids like to dress up as their favorite princess or pirate for playtime? Join them and wear a costume along with them! Playtime is so much more exciting when you look the part. Don’t leave your pets out of the equation either! They can sport a princess tiara and ball gown too!
  2. Listen to Disney Music: Nothing keeps your mood up quite like a good tune am I right? So why not make it a Disney tune? Clean around the house listening to the “Happy Working Song” from Enchanted or “Let It Go” like Elsa on the car ride to work. Don’t be afraid to belt out those tunes, even if people stare at you in the next car over. If “Hakuna Matata” gets you through a stressful day, then who cares what people think! Sing loud and proud, after all Disney tells us that any time is a good time to spontaneously break into song! Try getting others to join in with you, even make a karaoke night out of it full of Disney hits! When the songs is right, sing it out!
  3. Decorate Disney: Disney is known for its’ attention to detail in the parks. Everything you see is specifically magical and well, makes you smile! So what are you to do when you get home and that attention to magic seems to be missing? Decorate Disney style! Disney makes a Disney themed item for almost any room and occasion – anything from office supplies to go on your desk at work to all the trimmings for your Christmas tree. No matter the season, there is always room for some Disney inspired decorations in your life. Probably the most popular decoration is the Disney coffee mug, sold both in the parks and in Disney stores all around. Drinking from a Disney mug just makes your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate taste so much more magical, huh? There are many places to get Disney themed merchandise including the parks,, and even Disney stores in your area. There are even groups on Facebook that have shoppers available to purchase things at the parks for you if you can’t get to them yourself. Try searching for some Disney decorations that fit your style, the possibilities are endless! 031
  4. Look to the Internet: Life can be dull in some areas, but when you start snoozing, turn to your computer for a dose of Disney to wake you up! The internet has endless amounts of interesting Disney stuff to find. To start, there are Disney blogs (like Tips from the Disney Divas & Devos!) that provide you with hours of reading information all about Disney, especially about planning your next trip! Plus Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc have tons of pages to follow – anything from your favorite Disney character to special Disney dosed pages with fun activities (Try Oh My Disney on FB for funny articles and quizzes!) Look up trivia about Walt Disney and his parks to wow your friends with. You can even find cool concept and fan art from your favorite Disney movies to keep your mind occupied. With Disney on the brain, you will never get bored again!
  5. Plan Your Next Trip or Remember Your Last: So you had so much fun on your last trip to a Disney park right? So much so, that you can’t stop thinking about how great it was – like what do you want to do again or maybe what do you want to try next time around. Why not start planning your next trip now? Even if you’re not going to be at a Disney park for another year or so, or if you want to help give advice to your friends and family that are going sooner ,start planning now! You can fantasize about what restaurants and character meals you want to go to – Mickey waffles for breakfast – yum! Creating a budget, making reservations, even planning out your fastpasses will keep the Disney magic flowing. And why not remember your previous trip as well? Look back at photos you took with your favorite characters – even make a scrapbook or photo album to keep the memories alive. Reliving your trip in your head can help you get your Disney fix!
  6. Watch / Read Disney: It’s time for a marathon of Disney! Get out all those old VHS tapes of classic Disney movies, mix in some Pixar favorites, and boom! You’ve got a Disney movie marathon on your hands! Grab some popcorn and a friend or family member and you’ve got a great way to spend an afternoon Disney style. But don’t stop at movies, go for the Disney Channel too! The kids aren’t the only ones who are allowed to watch Disney shows! Heck, I’m 21 and I still watch reruns of Kim Possible and Lizzie McGuire from when I was a kid! And the best cartoon right now – Phineas and Ferb. Don’t know what I’m talking about? – check it out and you will NOT be sorry! There are also airings of Disney television specials through the History Channel for example that give you a glimpse of what’s coming into the parks in the future, or take you back in time with reruns of your favorite Disney cartoons. If your eyes get tired from staring at a screen all day, give them a break and let them look at pages of a book instead, reading glasses may be required (Disney themed glasses of course!) There are tons of Disney themed books out ( and Barnes and Noble carry many) – ranging from the history of the parks to inside information about how your favorite movies were made. A great one to check out is Poster Art of the Disney Parks. If you get a chance, go to Off the Page in Disney’s California Adventure for a great selection of reading materials. They sometimes have book signings there as well so keep a lookout! Reading can help you pass the time and spread some magic at the same time. 039 040
  7. Create A Disney Collection: What better way is there to express your Disney side than by showing off your one of a kind Disney collection? There is a Disney collection for everyone out there. Personally, I collect Disney pins. The hunt for the next trade is so exciting and the selection of pins Disney offers is immense and fits almost any type of collector. Say you like cats – there’s Disney pins for you. What about Disney villains – yep they’ve got some for you too. What if you even like stitch dressed as other characters from Disney movies – of course there is even a set of pins out there for you! But Disney pins aren’t the only thing to build a collection towards. Disney ornaments for instance, have grown very popular over the years. Whether you collect dated ornaments or ones with your favorite princesses on them, there is even the new collection of characters resembled as shoes for you to grab up and collect. You can design an entire Christmas tree around Disney aimed just at showing off your collection! Pins, ornaments, pressed pennies from the parks, magnets, antenna toppers, coffee mugs, snowglobes, oh my goodness the amount of things to collect by Disney is enormous! So find something that fits you, and start collecting! 023 032
  8. Cook Disney: Ever dream about the delicious food you had at a Disney park? I know my mouth just waters at the thought of their mashed potatoes! Well, spice up your life Disney style by cooking Disney inspired dishes! Did you know that you can obtain any recipe from the parks just by asking for them at City Hall? So while you are enjoying yourself at the park, make a mental note of all the foods you want to replicate at home. (bengeits, clam chowder, macaroni and cheese, oh my!) Then bring all those fun recipes home with you at the end of your trip. You can have a full cookbook of Disney filled deliciousness! Can’t wait until your next trip? Why not make Disney inspired dishes on your own? There are plenty of recipes out there to try (Disney Family has many items to choose from here.) Try Sven’s Carrot and Spice Muffin Bites with Cream Cheese Frosting or a Hakuna Frittata? Come on now, aren’t your taste buds getting excited! So put on your Mickey apron and get creative!  035
  9. Disney Game Night: Need a fun way to bring out some Disney and bring everyone together? Then look no further – all you need to do is throw a Disney themed game night! Whether you like board games or video games, there is a Disney themed game out there to play. Try testing your trivia knowledge with Disney’s Pictopia: a picture drawing trivia game all about Disney Characters. Or try Disney versions of classic games like Haunted Mansion Clue or Disney World Life. Those games are sure to put you in the Disney spirit! Feel like going digital? How about a nice round of Disney Infinity with the family? See who can change characters the fastest! Or even try your hand at Epic Mickey the video game, be sure to look out for Oswald. There is even the Kingdom Hearts Trilogy to keep you and your guests entertained. Playing games can be fun, but playing Disney themed games can become magical!
  10. Create Disney Art: Many of us have an artistic side to ourselves. And why not use this artistic side to bring out our Disney side? Whether you draw, paint, photograph, write, add a little Disney to the mix and viola! A Disney Masterpiece! Let those creative juices flow and give it a go! You never know what you will create. Then share those masterpieces with us! We would love to see what you can do!

Alrighty, there’s just 10 ways to spice up your life with a little Disney. But there are countless ways to bring out your Disney side! Try some of the ones listed, and create some of your own! I’d love to see how you put Disney into your everyday life!

With Faith, Trust, And Pixie Dust,

Pin Trading Diva