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By Fantasmic Diva

IMG_3233When Walt Disney founded Disneyland, he envisioned a place where families could bond and enjoy their time together. Well if you take a look around Disney Parks and Disney Stores and lots of other places, there are run and easy ways to bring Disney fun into your home or back from the parks!

Two of the most popular ways to bring Disney Magic into your home is through the movies and through having a game night! If your family is Disney freaks like mine is, you own a lot of the movies, however, do you often get a chance to sit down as a family and watch them together with a great big bowl of popcorn? Probably not, so why not give that a go? It brings out the kid in the adults and the older kids and the little guys may be viewing a movie for the first time. Sing at the top of your lungs together. Watching a Disney movie together as a family is a great way to spend time together, and with the Disney Blu-rays, there are pop up games throughout the movie, like trivia or finding something on screen, also a whole bunch of fun. If there is a new movie coming out in the theater, you can also always take a family trip to the movies. Why not grab lunch and see the newest Disney movie, they are almost always family friendly and sure to be a good time for all. If there is a movie tavern near your house, definitely check that out!

If your family likes gaming more than watching, there are TONS of Disney games out there, both video games and board games, both of which are fun for the whole family. There are Disney versions of classic games like Life, Clue, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Headbands, Jenga, Scene it, or chess, checkers and decks of cards with your favorite characters. If your family was a big fan of the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, there is a play at home version of the game that you can bring home from the parks. So gather around the table and play a game together! Board games tend to gather dust if they aren’t played and loved, so why not dust off one of those boxes after dinner and have a lovely time at home? You don’t always have to go to the parks or the store to have a good old magical time.

Some of my favorite games are available for video game consoles, Disney Infinity, the Toy Story Midway Mania video game based on the ever popular attraction, Disney Universe, the Epic Mickey series and the Fantasia game that is coming soon. There are definitely more but all of these are a great start and entertain kids and adults of all ages!

One of the most fun ones on my list of ways to create family bonding through Disney is to look up a Disney inspired recipe on the internet (trust me, there’s tons! And Disney has their own cook books if you want to use those too) and then make the recipe together as a family. Whether it’s a replica of the awesome dinner you had at Garden Grill or Mickey shaped waffles, pancakes or cookies, Disney inspired food always tastes better!

Hopefully this gave you some great ideas to help Disney become part of a family tradition and family bonding experience for you, readers. Have a magical day!