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How to Make the Most of Walt Disney World When You are Not a Morning Person

by Disney Dreaming Diva

“Attend rope drop.” “Get to the rides early.”  Ugh! This is the type of advice typically given when asked the question, “How do I to get the most out of Walt Disney World vacation?” However, some people are just not morning people.  This does not hinder your fun.  Sleep in a little.  It can be done.  Here are a few tips on making it happen.

How to Make the Most of Walt Disney World When You are Not a Morning Person

Tip One

Go ahead and plan on a late breakfast.  Early in the morning restaurants fill up quickly with families attempting to get to the parks as early as possible.  Avoid the rush!  Plan a nice relaxing breakfast later in the morning.  Make a later dining reservation or just arrive a little later in the morning.  Then you can sit and enjoy your meal.  If you want more time in the theme parks and a sit down meal is not high on your list of “to dos,” once you are up and moving, head straight to the park and grab a lighter breakfast.  There are plenty of snacks that would make a great start to your day.

Tip Two

Plan ahead.  Now you have had a good breakfast and are ready to conquer the parks.  This is where you fall in with everyone else in the park.  Use the advice that most people are given for making the most of Walt Disney World. The more you plan the more you can take advantage of.  Get your fast passes for the highest demand rides as soon as possible before your vacation begins, 30 days out of staying off property and 60 days if staying at a WDW resort.  Plan on it being busy by this time of the day and fast passes assure your spots on those rides.  Plan for crowds, it is just a part of a Disney vacation and makes for great people watching.  However, if it is hot, the crowds may be reduced in the afternoons.  If you can make yourself push through the heat, take advantage of the smaller crowds.

WDW Disney Castle

Tip Three

Do not leave the park when the fireworks are over.  You have triumphed over a few mountains, attended a parade, and watched the sky lit up with fireworks (maybe even better you skipped the fireworks to catch the shorter lines on rides), now what?  The crowds will move slowly toward the exits.  Don’t leave yet! There is so much more you can do.  Go in the opposite direction and enjoy the sites around the park without the crowds.  Not all parks close at the conclusion of the fireworks and even if they do you can still enjoy a little shopping or people watching around the park.  Also, many nights one of the parks will offer “Extra Magic Hours” for those staying in the resorts. When making your plans for the day, plan on attending a park that offers this luxury or later in the evening take Disney transportation from your park of choice for that day to the one that has “Extra Magic Hours” and enjoy.  You might be surprised at how different and fun the rides can be late at night in the dark.

Do the late breakfast, plan ahead for crowds, enjoy the quieter times after the late night shows, and take advantage of “Extra Magic Hours.” Most of all enjoy that extra sleep or another cup of morning coffee.

An Empty Magic Kingdom early in the morning

Magic Kingdom in the Morning

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Hello! I am always dreaming of Disney and love to incorporate a little bit of Disney in everyday life. My primary job is working with individuals with disabilities to become successful adults in the community and I am also working to become a health coach. I would love to give tips on embracing your Disney side.