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14 Hours at the Magic Kingdom–Not Recommended by MOST Diva’s
By Dopey Diva

    I know most of the Diva’s say the best way to enjoy Disney parks is to make sure you go back to your room for a nap/rest in the middle of the afternoon  BUT YOU CAN  spend a whole day in one park if you are daring! That is what we usually do and I travel with a toddler. Here is how we spent 14 hours at the Magic Kingdom with no major meltdowns…plus it was our day to tryout the new Fast Pass + so we had to be at certain places at certain times.

     We arrived at 9:00 am just in time for rope drop and the morning show. From there we headed straight to the firehouse to get our Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom cards.

Once that was taken care of we rushed back to Fantasyland so we could hurry up and ride Peter Pan’s Flight before the crowds came. After that we rode It’s a Small World and then headed to Mickey’s Philharmagic show, a personal favorite of ours. I love to watch my 2 year old try to reach out and grab the 3D images.

We then had to hurry back to Main Street for my youngest son’s first haircut reservation at 11:15 at the Harmony Barber Shop. This was absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a special first haircut experience. Or anyone who wants to say they got their hair cut at Disney.

After the haircut we headed to our first Fast Pass + experience which was a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse. As usual we enjoyed visiting with Mickey and having our picture made and having our autograph book signed but it was even better not having to wait in line! From there we hopped the train over to  Adventureland and took a quick ride on Pirates of the Caribbean before heading back to The Plaza for our 1:30 lunch reservation. Our table was not quite ready so we watched the stage show at Cinderella castle while we waited.

Once our delicious meal was over we split up for a little while. 2 of the guys headed to ride Big Thunder Mountain while I waited with my husband and little guy to meet our niece, who was working at Disney through the Disney College Program. We all met up soon after that for our next Fast Pass+ experience which was special seating for the Dream Come True Parade. At this time I looked down in the stroller and little man had fallen asleep. He missed the parade but at least he was having a peaceful nap while still at the park.
Since my little guy was still sleeping my husband took him to the Hall of Presidents while the rest of us went to ride Splash Mountain. After that we met up again and headed to the Tea Cups, then Dumbo, and the Jungle Cruise before it was time for our next Fast Pass+ experience which was Peter Pan’s Flight, yes again! After that we rode the carousel and Haunted Mansion. Then we walked around for a while just enjoying ourselves before our last Fast Pass+ experience..special seating in the Rose Garden for the Wishes fireworks display. It was nice being able to sit on the grass and watch the show but the trees blocked the view quite a bit.

We left straight from the garden area and headed over to Casey’s Corner for a late dinner. We found a nice spot on the curb to enjoy our meal and get ready for the Electrical Light Parade.

After the parade we made our way to Tomorrow Land and were able to ride a few rides before finally deciding to head back to our hotel. It was 11:00 and my 2 year old was STILL going strong.  I would say, depending on your children or how tired you are, it is possible to have a good day at a Disney park without a nap/ rest time. Not that we didn’t get tired or have a minor fit but all in all it was a PERFECT day!