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By Fantasmic Diva


So far I have written lists of little known facts about two parks, Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Now it’s time to share some fantasmic facts about Disney’s Hollywood Studios! I love this park so much and always have an amazing time there looking for little hidden gems! Here we go!

  1. So many hidden Mickey’s!! My personal favorite hidden Mickey in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is on the Great Movie Ride. It’s in the gangster room or the underworld, keep your eyes peeled to the left hand side, on the wall that is covered with flyers and posters look on the bottom corner on the left hand side, you should see Mickey’s yellow shoe.
  2. The Hollywood Tower hotel is just shy of 200 ft. What to know why? The Imagineers believed that an airplane beacon on top of the structure would be distracting to the overall 1930’s look of the building so they build it just shy of the height that requires that kind of beacon.
  3. Another hidden Mickey, look out for the hidden Mickey in the cording of the guitar in the Aerosmith room of the Rockin Roller Coaster queue. It’s on the floor on your right hand side if you are facing the window.
  4. Want to sing in the rain like Gene Kelly? Well then head to the back of the Streets of America by the Lights Motor’s Action Extreme Stunt Show. If you look on the lamp posts, you will see an umbrella attached to one of them. If you pose like Gene Kelly, it may just start to rain!
  5. Changing it up on the Great Movie Ride. If you have only been on the Great Movie Ride once, you may not know that there are two different places where your vehicle can be hijacked by someone right out of a movie! You can be hijacked either in the gangster room of the underworld or the wild wild west. Depending on the day, you may have either a cowboy or a gangster in your vehicle for a portion of your trip.
  6. Want to meet characters? Head to the backlot area. If you head to the backlot area, there may be a random assortment of characters there that aren’t on the schedule! Sometimes, they even have a villain or two out there, that’s where I met Jafar and Captain Hook.
  7. How many people does the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater hold? Well, at completely full capacity, it holds about 10,000 people!
  8. Get the right elevator. If you get the right elevator, I’m keeping it a surprise which one, on the Hollywood Tower of Terror, you may just see the little girl from the Twilight Zone who was singing “It’s Raining, it’s pouring” when the elevator was struck on your terrifying plummet from the 13th floor to the bottom of the hotel! It’s quick, so keep your eyes peeled!
  9. Great Movie Ride was originally a live action attraction. Or at lease it was supposed to be, in the original concept development for the Great Movie Ride, all of the celebrities and stars of the classic movies were going to be portrayed by performers instead of the audio animatronics we know today; however, that proved to be a little too much of an undertaking, especially at the time of its development!
  10. So many different Star Tours. It’s hard to get the same journey twice on the refurbished Star Tours, there are 56 different combinations of scenes and surprise visitors on the Star Tours attraction, so Star Wars fans will always be excited to visit some place new in the Star Wars universe!!

Hopefully you enjoyed these little tidbits of trivia about one of my favorite Disney theme parks, I know I enjoyed learning about the parks! Have a fantasmic day!