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By Fantasmic Diva

SONY DSCSo, most Disney fans, especially those who are partial to EPCOT know that EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and that it used to be EPCOT Center. What I want to do here is share some facts with you that you may not know! Enjoy!

  1. There’s a Fountain of Nations! It’s hard to miss the large fountain in the middle of Future World outside of Mouse Gear, what is easy to miss is the story behind this beautiful fountain! On October 24, 1982, the day after the opening ceremony of EPCOT, the park hosted a beautiful ceremony called the International Ceremony of the Waters. Cultural representatives from 29 nations gathered around the fountain with water from their native country in vessels from the same land and poured it into the fountain so that the water in the fountain would be from all over the world!
  2. Spaceship Earth was the first architectural sphere! It was the first spherical structure. The architects originally wanted to make it a dome because they did not know if a perfectly spherical structure would be able to be supported. However, true to their character the Imagineers realized that if it was supported correctly, it was definitely possible! Bonus fact: twice a year, the golf ball, EPCOT Ball, Spaceship Earth, whatever you choose to call it, has to be cleaned manually, rock climber style with cast members repelling down the massive structure as they go!
  3. EPCOT was originally supposed to be a real city! Walt’s original vision for EPCOT was for it to be a real functional, Utopian city of the future! He wanted approximately 20,000 people to live and work there. There would be various levels for transportation, a work/business hub in the center, leisure area in the next layer and farms and agriculture on the outermost circle. The model for this city is found inside the People Mover in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom, and you can learn a bit more about it in the museum before the One Man’s Dream film in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  4. Room to grow! There is room to grow in EPCOT! There is actually room for up to 8 more countries in the World Showcase around the World Showcase Lagoon. Hard to believe when you think about it, but if you take a walk around the whole thing, looking for spots, the spots are definitely there!
  5. Due to the fact that their structures on the Lagoon are based off of or replicas of religious buildings, both Norway and Morocco remain dark while the rest of the pavilions light up at the end of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. It’s against the religions in both nations to put decorative lights on the outside of a religious building or church.
  6. Ever notice the many many reflective panels on top of Ellen’s Universe of Energy? They are actually photovoltaic cells used to harness solar energy. They produce enough energy to power the AC of the building and the attraction itself! Pretty wise use of energy if you ask me!
  7. There’s a Magical Moment in Canada! Head over to the store in the Canadian pavilion and look around. You will hopefully start to find some Canadian critters with leather bracelets for collars. Find all of them and bring them to a cast member in the store and you will get a certificate for finding them all! Super fun activity that doesn’t cost a dime!
  8. JAPAN!! Japan is one of my favorite pavilions on the World Showcase Lagoon, not only for the entertaining Pick a Pearl demonstration or even for the Sake, but for the candy! Stop in and try something totally new and un-American! The candy is so good it’s hard to believe, and you can’t get most of it anywhere else! There’s also the bonus if you are a fan of Studio Ghibli, that’s where their merchandise is! I didn’t know until this year! So if you love this particular niche of Disney, head to Japan!
  9. Look closely at Living with the Land! Specifically at the tanks in the fish farming section! If you look into the cylindrical tanks, you will see one of the very few hidden Minnie decorations located on WDW property! She’s there bow and all! Look carefully at the plants and structures throughout the attraction, there are lots of hidden Mickeys to find occasionally holiday decorations to see! Bonus: The food grown in the Living with the Land attraction is actually served at restaurants in EPCOT, specifically in Sunshine Seasons and the Garden Grill in the Land pavilion!
  10. Beware of the Beverly! If you are brave enough to try something you may not like, or you just really love soda, head over to Club Cool, next to what is now Starbucks. You can (for free again) try a bunch of different sodas from around the world and if you are brave enough, chug down some of the Beverly just to say you did it!