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20by Beauty and the Beast Diva


**Disclaimer**:  I am NOT saying you can’t get an amazing burger in Disney World, HOWEVER, I am saying your options are unlimited!

As a Disney lover and advocate for the amazing meals you can have there, not too many things get under my skin quite like hearing people say “Ugh, why do you go to Disney?  To eat nasty burgers and chicken fingers at every meal?”   If I am eating a burger and fries or chicken fingers, it’s because I want to and you should be doing the same!  At WDW, no matter what park you are in, there are so many more options than just something you could get at a drive thru and I’m not talking about the swap outs Disney has done, i.e. a salad or fruit instead of fries.  I’m talking real options!  You could satisfy just about any craving from anywhere in the world!  Don’t miss some of my favorite picks from around WDW for the best and most interesting quick services!

The Magic Kingdom:

Ok fine, I rarely go to the MK without hitting up Casey’s Corner, it completes my trip and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t order the corn dog nuggets!  BUT please don’t let that be your option for quick services within this park.  However, if you have a big appetite PLEASE do yourself a favor and order the barbeque slaw dog, it is a hot dog topped with pulled pork AND coleslaw and it is HEAVEN!  Do yourself a favor and order cracker jacks as a dessert and a fountain soda.


**Disclaimer**: Disney calories do not count PLUS you will be walking all day so SOME of the calories will be negated.

Columbia Harbor House, is another favorite of mine, other than being able get yummy sandwiches like their tuna and their lighthouse sandwich- which is hummus, broccoli slaw and tomato, they have a fried shrimp platter that is actually pretty good!  You can also get clam chowder and a lobster roll and this New England girl gives them a pretty high rating.  There is also a 2nd floor to CHH, which I have NEVER had an issue finding seating in.  Very relaxing and enjoyable place to relax and eat!

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

Okay, so this is all about NOT eating a burger and fries and Comic Ray’s Starlight Café definitely offers a GREAT quick service burger, but they also offer rotisserie chicken and a KILLER grilled chicken sandwich, which is ALWAYS my go to there.  I also have to say my husband and I went three times in one trip once because I was so obsessed with it!  Cosmic Ray’s offers a HUGE and quite yummy toppings bar for your sandwiches.  They offer all kinds of pickled relishes, sautéed onions and peppers, making your boring chicken sandwich, and burger… extra special and yummy!

Animal Kingdom:

So this is probably my least favorite park for quick services but DO NOT stress, there are still some GREAT and adventurous options, which is what Animal Kingdom is all about!

Harambe Market is a LARGE area, which I have always had a difficult time finding seating and usually involves waiting for a long period of time, but it is worth it!  You can have so many options, including chicken skewers served with broccoli and tomato salad, grilled veggie stacks and most importantly RIBS.  OMG the ribs.  They are HUGE and look amazing.

I am a huge advocate of Yak and Yeti. I must have blogged about them countless times but both the quick service and the sit down restaurant are delightful.  Do not miss out on the Korean stir-fry barbeque chicken, which is chicken peppers, onions, pineapple and Korean barbeque sauce served with rice and ginger chicken salad, which is self-explanatory!  All so good! Disney Diva Tip: There’s a LOT of seating, but almost all of it is in the sun, so wear a hat or you will burn up in the Florida heat!


                Where do I even begin?  The options here at EPCOT are endless.  You should NOT have a mediocre meal ANYWHERE in this park at ANYTIME of day.  Almost every country offers a quick service option. Many people try drinking around the world, but on a girl’s trip once, we tried EATING around the world and  succeeded! And while we may not have looked nearly as good in our bathing suits the next day, we surely  felt better than the people that drank around the world!


Mexico- I can’t even describe my love of Mexican food to you.  There is a HUGE deck area for seating that is covered and has fans and you are always able to find a seat.  Here you can get AMAZING tacos, empanadas, and NACHOS.  My husband and I have split the nachos and saved ourselves a quick service for later in the week.  PLUS for dessert they have churros with caramel sauce that is Heaven on Earth.

Norway – Okay I’ll admit I never ate at the quick service here, but after checking out the menus I want to!  They seem to offer yummy sandwiches like smoked salmon and egg or a ham and apple sandwich with Jarlsberg and Muenster cheese!

China- Maybe, I have a thing for Chinese food too, but the Lotus Blossom Café is a fun quick service that offers Chinese favorites like orange chicken or shrimp fried rice with an egg roll.  I must admit, it’s not my favorite place to eat, but it’s clean and covered with fans and air conditioning.

Germany- Okay, maybe it’s just a thing for food in general.  Sommerfest, in Germany offers you bratwurst with sauerkraut, which is one of my favorite things in all of the countries.  Pair that with a pretzel, their apple strudel with vanilla sauce and a HUGE beer and I’m sold!…. and will probably need a break.

Italy- Have you been to the Italy pavilion?!  They are so kind and open and make you feel so at home… kinda like being at your Italian Grandma’s house.  However, they do not have a quick service option.  Their sit down restaurants are to die for, and their wine bar is pretty awesome too!   Disney Diva Tip: Do NOT miss out on their gelato!10330446_585508695053_5701194995409364775_n

USA- We are hands down the most boring, unless I just think we are boring because it’s American food.  So at the Liberty Inn, you CAN get a burger and fries BUT don’t miss this opportunity to try the red, white and blue salad with chicken, which is field greens with grilled chicken, craisins, pecans, apples, and blue cheese with a sherry vinaigrette.

Japan- SUSHI.  DECENT SUSHI.  I am always a little skeptical of the heat and sushi unless I eat at a location frequently, but I have had sushi MANY times in EPCOT and never gotten sick. It’s always fresh and always delicious.

Morocco- MY FAVORITE OF ALL QUICK SERVICES. Tangierine Café just has the best and freshest food.  They offer wraps with lamb, chicken or falafel with marinated onions, lettuce and tomato with taziki sauce.  Or Platters with lamb, chicken or veggies served with hummus, tabbouleh, couscous and fresh bread.  Either of these options are delicious and the wraps are HUGE!  A great bang for your buck!

France- Les Halles Boulangerie- Patissiere.  SERIOUSLY.  Google the menu; Nothing is bad,  everything is divine.  I. Can’t. Even. Tell. You. How. Good. It. All. Is. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT miss out on dessert.

UK- Yorkshire County Fish Shop sells fish and chips. That’s it, and that’s all it needs to be.  I dream about these fish and chips when I’m not in Disney.  The portions are large (I can’t eat the entire platter myself) and I don’t really like fish and chips from anywhere else.

Canada- No quick service…

Also do not miss out on Sunshine Seasons, in the Land pavilion, right outside of Soarin’. It provides air conditioning, a HUGE seating area and lots of great options for food.  I’ve had breakfast and lunch here and never been disappointed.  It can get pretty busy at peak meal times so try to hit it up early or a little on the late side.  Here you can fest on a variety of different things its set up more like a food court and is sure to satisfy everyone in your party.

Hollywood Studios:

                This park is seriously lacking in attractions and quick service meals.  While I have had some great sit down dinners and really amazing snacks here, I’m not promising the best quick service meals.

The ABC Commissary is massive and indoors (providing you with air conditioning and there are TVs around playing your favorite ABC TV shows. It provides you with great food like Asian salads with chicken, a chicken club, fried seafood platters and even a NY strip steak!

Also, Check out Starring Rolls Café for sushi and really great cupcakes. Their patio is well shaded and you could sit outside and people watch for hours.

Make a promise to yourself to try out a few of these places, you will not be disappointed!  If you are, then go back to your boring burger and fries!