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By Local Diva
We had a new experience on our last trip to “The World” – a 911 call. 
I will share with you what I learned from our experience, and how it made me trust Disney World that much more!
My four year old jumped off the bed, landed on her head, and immediately started vomiting. On the hotel room phones (we were at POP) there is an emergency button. I assumed it would call an on site first-aid center or something, but it linked me strait to 911. Somehow hotel management came running to my door (not sure if the medics alerted them or if the button on the phone alerts the front desk) and they were assessing the situation long before the medics arrived – which, for the record, was only about two minutes. 
After they checked her over and determined that she did not require immediate care (we were just to monitor her pupils, behavior, etc.), the medics had us sign a waver and they were off. Hotel management stayed around, took a report on the situation, and gave us a direct number on which to reach them with any concerns. All in all, we were thankful that we received thorough assistance. 
Here’s where the Disney Difference kicked in:
Management knew that we were preparing to leave for an early seating at O’Hana – an impossible to change reservation. They made some calls after asking our permission, were able to move our reservation back an hour to allow us some time to rest after the experience and even provided us with a complimentary taxi voucher so that we didn’t have to wait for a bus to the restaurant. The O’Hana staff was made aware of the situation and surprised my daughter with an ice cream sundae BEFORE dinner (again, with our permission), and when we returned to our hotel, we discovered some goodies and a card left for my daughter, compliments of resort management.
Every guest experience is different, and not everyone will receive the same care, but I am confident that the Walt Disney World Resort will do whatever is within their means to provide an excellent guest experience even in emergency situations!  
Above: trying to keep her mood up before dinner, and Below: enjoying her appetizer ice cream!

Below: A stuffed Minnie, Minnie ears, and a card left for her in our room.