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I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever had to ride the tram at Epcot, and only a few times at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, but I ALWAYS have to ride it at Magic Kingdom if I’ve stayed off property. And since there’s NO WAY you are going to skip Magic Kingdom its best to plan for the WORST then the Best.

Trams aren’t really that big of a problem UNLESS you have a stroller. It was less of a problem before the trams had doors, but now with every row having its own door its even more complicated for people with strollers. I’ve checked around with different WDW stroller-rental companies to see if they have any advice and the common theme seems to be “just find a way to make it work”.

So my top tip? The front row of each section of the tram is actually TWO seats that face one another. Do your best to try to get on that front row if you have one of those big jogging strollers or a sit and stand stroller. Designate someone “responsible for the stroller” and make sure they are on the front row in the section. It doesn’t really matter if you aren’t all on together on the same row.

Also, they are kind of psycho about making sure children are in the middle of the rows, so go ahead and arrange yourselves to be able to load correctly to cut down on some stress.

The mornings in Magic Kingdom are crazy so you need to have a plan. Seriously, do not expect that people are going to be “nice” and let you get on the tram ahead of them. Many times I’ve experienced extreme frustration because people didn’t use what I considered common courtesy in regards to “tram etiquette”. So just have a plan. If you have to send your family on a tram ahead of you make sure you know where you will all meet up before boarding the monorail.

Strollers MUST BE FOLDED to ride the tram, so make sure you’ve done that before its time to board. Also, don’t forget you can just rent a stroller in the park. You can read all about that by reading my post HERE.

And make sure you know the name of what section you loaded. You can read more about “parking at Disney” for more tips.

Good luck!