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by DevoCab Disney

It’s the little things, isn’t it? That’s what makes Disney special. Well, one of the things that makes Disney special. Disney has alway been a master of the details, the little things that make the whole very, very special. Some of those details may never be noticed by many, but without them, it wouldn’t be the same.

This is one of the things that makes Disney parks different from the rest. The attention to the tiniest of details; that’s where the magic begins. No matter what park or resort you visit, stateside or abroad, you’ll find high standards and loads of details. And when you consider how massive some of these parks and resorts can be, that’s pretty impressive.

I couldn’t possibly have enough room in this article to even come close to touching all the details in Magic Kingdom, let alone the Walt Disney World Resort. I could very easily write an entire series on Walt Disney World and still leave out tons of details. But for now I’m going to start with one of my favorite areas in all of Walt Disney World; Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom.


Say what you will, but in my eyes you really can’t get more classic Disney parks than Main Street USA. The charm or the early 20th century architecture, the smells of popcorn and cotton candy, the Mickey balloons, the Main Street Vehicles, I could keep going here. But it’s all these things that make Main Street so magical. Cinderella Castle at the end of Main Street doesn’t hurt of course, but we can cover that in another article.

You really can’t help but smile as you walk through those tunnels beneath the railroad tracks. No matter which side you enter, no matter which direction you look, you feel like you belong, almost as if you are home. Now, we have a tradition of “walking right down the middle of Main Street USA,” straight to and through the entrance of Cinderella Castle, to the left and go directly onto “It’s a Small World.” But one must be sure to come back to Main Street and stay awhile. Stop by the Chapeau to grab some ears and get ready to take it all in. Main Street is quite entertaining all in itself. And here are just a few things you simply cannot miss.


The Citizens of Main Street are so much fun! I’m not talking about Pluto or Marie here. These are the characters that live on Main Street. From Mayor Weaver to Hildegard Olivia Harding, you really need to find and interact with these people! It’s so entertaining to learn about these characters and how they interact with each other.

The Main Street Trolley Shows are one of those I think sets Disney apart. Main Street is just a constant hustle and bustle of energy, music, smells, and sensory overload, and then here comes a Trolley full of singers and dancers. You don’t want to miss it! But this isn’t the limit to musical entertainment on Main Street. Don’t miss out on the Dapper Dans, Main Street Philharmonic, and the Casey’s Corner pianist!


The Main Street Vehicles are another great thing to experience on Main Street. Don’t be a afraid to ask if you can hop aboard. For me, it’s a must do for every Disney vacation. It’s so simple, but so nostalgic.

The Main Street Windows provides some thought-provoking entertainment. Many of the windows pay tribute to Disney Imagineers as well as Disney family and friends. Sometimes they are more obvious, and some require more thought.


The Magic Kingdom’s Welcome Show, sometimes referred to as the “Rope Drop Show,” the Welcome Show is one of the least known shows in all the World. And many times, the people who do know about it, won’t get up early enough to experience it. I’m the type of Disney fan who will be there when a park opens, stay the entire day, and leave after the park closes. So for me, the Welcome Show is a no brainer. You really should get up really early at least once to experience this show. It’s so simple, but one of my favorite things to do! A few citizens of Main Street will sing and dance to prepare you for one of the best days ever! Followed by a train full of Disney characters and a little pyrotechnics. But to get in on all the action, you’ve got to get up early. This show typically begins approximately 15-20 minutes before the park is scheduled to open. But there really doesn’t seem to be a set time. I’ve personally seen it happen 30 minutes before the park was scheduled to open. So my tip to you is to make sure you are there at least 30 to 45 minutes before the park opens. That does not mean get out of the car or hop off the bus 30 to 45 minutes before. That means you get to the park, get through bag check, through the new Magic Band turnstiles and find your spot 30 to 45 minutes before park opening. Honestly, I would recommend at least an hour to get in there and chill out a bit before all the crazy happens. But 30-45 minutes should get you in there just fine. You’ll just need to know how long it will take you to get to the park from your resort. Make sure you factor in traffic and the time it takes to get through everything like the parking gates and bag checks.

I really could just keep writing about these very special details on Main Street. There really seems to be no end. But maybe you can take some time to find them on your own! Just don’t forget to slow down and enjoy your time “Walking Right Down The Middle of Main Street USA!”