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By: Princess Diva
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What goes up and down, is covered in kelp, and will make you think you are ‘under the sea’?  The Jumpin’ Jellyfish on Paradise Pier in California Adventure!

What is it?
This is a great “small thrill” ride to get the little guests in your party ready for some of the bigger thrills they may encounter while roaming around Disneyland and California Adventure parks.

For those of you who are long-time Disneyland Fans this ride is similar to a much tamer version of what used to be the Maliboomer.

Guests 40 inches or taller find themselves navigating through a kelp forest to find the jellyfish and buckle up for a bouncy ride!  Your jellyfish will bounce you up 40 feet in the air and then float you back down to the sea floor.  While at the top, riders can catch a great view of Paradise Pier and Paradise Bay and kids can feel like Dory and Marlin playing amongst the jellyfish.

Why I like it?
We have established the fact previously that I’m a big chicken when it comes to some rides at Disney.  I don’t like to be flipped upside down and I’d rather keep my lunch where it belongs (this is why I ride King Triton’s Carousel instead of California Screamin’).

I like Jumpin’ Jellyfish because first of all, I can handle the thrill (or lack there of), and my kids love it too.  Each jellyfish takes you up high enough that you can get a spectacular view without the queezy stomach feeling.

Overall, I really enjoy this ride.  The thrill factor comes in right about a 4 because of the height and up and down movement.  I’ve never had a terribly long wait here (either lucky me or people don’t know what they are missing).  It is great for the smaller kids too because they feel like they are tackling something bigger than Heimlich Chew Chew Train.

Happy Jumping!

Do you know which Disney character says “…jumpin’ jellyfish”?