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Author: K-Diva
In a very particular order, here are my favorite rides at Disneyland, California.

5. The Haunted Mansion – As you step inside an early 1900’s cobwebbed filled elevator, you are greeted by the creepy cast members who will assure you that you’re in for a fright! I love seeing other people mouthing the words “Is this room actually growing?” The darkened, rainy windows convince you that you’re in a whole other world of terror. From September to January the ride is transformed to match the movie, the Nightmare before Christmas, everything from the songs to entrance is fully decked out for a spooky holiday.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean – This is our first and last stop each time we come to Disneyland. Jack Sparrow seems so real I was convinced it was an actor who had joined the ride. It’s a perfect blend of classic Disney with the new Pirate movies.

3. Peter Pan’s Flight – The best ride in Fantasyland in my opinion. You’ll ride in little magic pirate ships over London and off to Neverland. Do you know where the hidden Mickey is? Big Ben is hiding him!

2. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – My advice for this ride, go on at night! The views are incredible as the whole park is lit up. I swear the rollercoaster even seems faster at night! The smell of BBQ and corn fills the air as you ride through the wilderness, so you always leave ready for a snack! During Christmas, walk the path that goes around the train towards Fantasyland to meet real Santa’s Reindeer!

1. Splash Mountain – What can I say about this ride other than it is the best thing in the park! When I was really small, I had a tape that I would play on Saturday mornings while I was on my swing set. I would sing as loud as I could to “Zip-a-dee-do-da” and loved every minute of it. The classic puppets and songs fill this ride with nostalgia and gives you a feeling like Walt is up there controlling the ride himself. For some reason, getting soaked is funny and even in 50 degree weather! It warms my heart to always hear people hysterically laughing after the big drop, it certainly proves that you can be any of age to enjoy Disneyland. I love love this ride so much. Rain or shine, night or day it is the top of my list!

You can’t see it here, but our friend literally had water dripping from his ears. It was hysterical to all but him!
So there is my Top 5 list of Disneyland rides! Don’t miss them!