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by Disney Magic Diva

Kingdom Strollers Rentals: Magic Ready to Roll*Disclaimer: This article was written on Disney Magic Diva’s experience PreCOVID, please confirm all directions for your stroller rental directly with the vendor.*

For the first time in forever, we had the chance to visit Walt Disney World Resort with all three of our grandchildren, ages 11, 6, and 2.  We knew the 6-year-old wouldn’t be able to handle the miles of walking a Disney trip entails, and obviously the 2-year-old princess would need a royal carriage.

We weighed the pros and cons of bringing our own stroller(s).  Our double stroller is a tandem type and extremely bulky. I knew I didn’t want to try to maneuver that long vehicle through the airports and crowds at Walt Disney World, not to mention risk having it destroyed in the cargo hold of the plane.

Diva Tip: Remember, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have recently instituted size limitations on strollers! Our tandem stroller, even if we had wanted to bring it, would not have met those requirements.  All of the strollers available from Kingdom Strollers meet Disney’s new size restrictions.

We debated bringing 2 umbrella folding strollers, but that would mean my husband and I would both be occupied pushing a stroller, with no flexibility for us to split up to take the 11-year-old on some of the thrill rides the littler ones didn’t enjoy.

Enter Kingdom Strollers to the rescue! Renting a stroller from this Disney Featured Stroller Provider was one of the best decisions we made!  It was unbelievably easy and so incredibly convenient!

To reserve your stroller, just visit their website and decide which stroller will fit your needs. There are several choices of both single and double strollers, so you’re sure to find something that’s practically perfect in every way for your family. Prices range from $45-$155 depending on the type of stroller and length of your rental. We chose the Mini GT Double.

Once you click “reserve this item,” you’ll enter your delivery information. You can select the date and time for your drop-off and pick-up.  One feature we absolutely loved about Kingdom Strollers is they will deliver and pick-up from Bell Services at your resort, absolutely free, and YOU don’t need to be there!!  We arranged delivery for about the same time as our flight landed, and our stroller was waiting for us at Bell Services when we arrived!  Talk about magic!! (Since this article was written Disney has changed the pickup/drop off procedures for outside vendors. You can now pick up and return your stroller directly at Orlando International Airport if you are flying.)

If you’re not staying at a Walt Disney World Resort – no worries!  Kingdom Strollers will also deliver to off-site resorts, and even to your vacation home!  Just select your resort or enter your address on the reservation form, and they will take care of the rest. Please confirm the availability of this option with Kingdom Strollers.

Diva Tip: If you need a crib or inflatable toddler bed for your off-site location, Kingdom Strollers rents those too!

Kingdom Stroller Rentals: Magic Ready to Roll

Cooler Bag

On the reservation form you also have the option of selecting some accessories.  A rain cover and cooler bag are complimentary, and I highly recommend getting both!  We loved the cooler bag.  It fit perfectly under the stroller, and we didn’t even need to take it out to fold the stroller.  It held 12 8-ounce bottles of water perfectly and would probably accommodate 6-8 larger bottles.

We thankfully only needed the rain cover once, but it is still a necessity in Florida!  Afternoon showers can pop up unexpectedly, and that’s exactly what happened to us. The sky was looking a little ominous as we parked the stroller to ride Spaceship Earth, so we put the cover on.  When we finished our ride, we discovered it had indeed showered while we were inside, but our stroller was safe and dry!

Diva Tip: If you reserve both the cooler bag and rain cover, the rain cover may be stored inside the cooler bag when you pick up your stroller. 

I had read some reviews about the Mini GT Double stroller and was concerned about access to the underneath storage area.  Since Kingdom Strollers offers a stroller bag hook for only $5, I decided to order this as well.  It did prove helpful, although I probably should have chosen a different type of bag to bring. I had a tote bag, and the straps were a little long, so we had to be inventive on how to hang it from the hook. It definitely was helpful, though, to be able to access the bag from the hook rather than getting under the stroller each time.

Kingdom Stroller Rentals: Magic Ready to Roll

So comfy, he can sleep sitting up (although the back does recline!)

Depending on the stroller you choose, child snack trays are also available for rental.  We knew the kids were going to want to get in and out of the stroller quite a bit, and so I didn’t want to bother with a snack tray. It’s great, though, as an option for babies or kids who enjoy having a tray.

We also decided to purchase the optional insurance for $20.  These strollers retail for $300-500, and I certainly didn’t want to be responsible for replacing it should it *gasp* be stolen or destroyed.  Insurance seemed like a good investment.

Finally, you can choose how you would like your name to appear on the identification placard.  This card, about 6×8”, will hang from the center of the back axle of your stroller to help identify it.  If you’re concerned about privacy, you can opt for any name you wish on your card!  (Cinderella’s Royal Carriage was my granddaughter’s suggestion, but my grandson wasn’t having any of that!)

Our grandkids loved the stroller!  It was clean, roomy, and they especially liked pulling the huge canopies over their heads to shield themselves from the scorching sun.  We brought clip-on rechargeable fans with us for each side of the stroller, and they were happy as could be with their fan and shady resting place.

The stroller handled remarkably well.  It was extremely easy to push, even with both kids and tons of necessities underneath and in our bag.  We appreciated the adjustable handle bar so my husband and I could easily change it to be at a comfortable height. It was relatively easy to fold and fit perfectly through all the doorways and transportation queue lines.

Another feature I appreciated was the parent console included with the stroller.  It stretches from side to side and has two cup-holder pockets as well as a small zippered pocket (about 4x3x3”).  It was ideal for water bottles, sunglasses, cell phones, snacks, etc.

As an added bonus, when you rent from Kingdom Strollers, you also are given a code for free delivery from Orlando Grocery Express!  If you are going to place a grocery order, be sure to check it out!

On departure day, I received a text from Kingdom Strollers reminding me of my scheduled drop off time and asking that I respond to their text when my stroller was ready for pick-up.  Then, as we made our way to the Magical Express, we just stopped by Bell Services, told them we were dropping off the stroller for Kingdom Strollers, and we were done!  No paperwork or hassle – just dropped it off and sent my text to say it was ready.

I’d highly recommend renting a stroller from Kingdom Strollers.  Our experience was flawless.  Reserving was simple and quick, pick-up and delivery was painless, and most importantly the stroller was in excellent condition and comfortable for the kids. Everything you could want to make your vacation magical! (Beauty and the Beast Diva has rented from Kingdom Strollers too.  Read about her experience here.)

Tips from the Disney Divas and Devos is proud to have an affiliate relationship with Kingdom Strollers and this article contains affiliate links, but I received nothing from them in exchange for this honest review.  The experience was everything I could ask for in renting a stroller, and I’m happy to share that tip with our readers.  I’m pleased to give Kingdom Strollers my highest recommendation!

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