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By Pink Diva

If you have small children then you know how necessary strollers are.  However, they are a pain.  They are big, bulky, you have to park them and then find them, and take them down during transportation.  They are a pain, but are they really worth the effort?

I have two kids, a four-year-old girl and an almost two-year old boy.  We have tried Disney with and without strollers.  Single umbrella strollers, single jogging strollers, double jogging strollers and a sit n’ stand- we have used them all.  We have also had the kids go stroller free for short trips.  After all of this experimentation, I say YES you do need a stroller.


Our favorite stroller-the sit n’ stand. I buckle the bag in the front seat when we are on rides.

Kids come with stuff.  If you have one in diapers or newly potty-trained then there is no way of getting through the day without a bag full of their items.  A stroller comes in handy as a great place to put that bag of stuff.  We usually pack a small lunch box as well to keep the kids’ drinks cold and we clip it to the stroller.   We also have a small bag of snacks added to the regular baby bag.  If we didn’t have the stroller one of us would end up either carrying it all (plus a kid!) or bringing less buying it in the park instead.

HS 18

Taking a nap in the shade. Separate strollers are fine until one adult has to take both kids at the same time.

Kids get tired.  Strollers allow kids a short rest throughout the day.  My kids don’t use strollers too often anymore on a regular basis.  They want to be out, moving and see what is going on.  However, they both hop right in when we get to Disney.  There is so much to see, experience, and they can watch everything safely from their little seats.  If you have kids under 7 I would seriously consider using a stroller.  Plus, it makes getting around a whole lot faster!

Most people bring their own strollers.  They are familiar for their kids, free on airplanes, and you can easily recognize it in a sea of strollers.  If you choose not to bring a stroller or decide once you arrive you want one, Disney has single and double strollers you can rent.


Look for the stroller rental signs when you first enter the park.

A single stroller is $15/day or $13/day for your whole stay.  A double stroller is $31/day or $27/day for your whole stay.  (Recommended for kids under 50 pounds.) A $100 USD credit card deposit is required for strollers rented at the Downtown Disney area.

You can rent strollers from other companies such as Amusement Park Rentals (which also provides scooters, baby equipment, and other items for rent) and have them delivered to your resort. I have not used any of these companies, but they are the preferred Disney companies.



The double and single strollers available to rent.


A few tips about having a stroller:

  • Strollers must be folded up for the buses and trams.  It doesn’t matter how much room or how many people are on, by law you much fold them up.
  • If you rent a stroller or have a very popular stroller tie something on it so it is easily recognizable.
  • Park in stroller parking.  There is stroller parking all over.  It is designated with signs (and signs to tell you NOT to park strollers here) so you can’t miss it.
  • Your stroller will be moved.  This isn’t done to be mean.  Cast Members move strollers as gaps appear to keep the stroller parking tidy and in its designated area.  This is where having something recognizable on your stroller helps you find it faster.
  • Strollers are not allowed in lines.  This means you may have to carry your child.  To make it easier for myself I carry a small purse with my personal items and leave the baby bag, snack bag and drink bag strapped on the stroller.  Yes, someone may take it, but there is nothing in the bags that can’t be replaced or wreck our vacation.  (For the record, I have never had an issue with theft in the parks.)
  • Be kind to others.  Strollers are big and can really hurt when they hit the ankle.  People are distracted and stop when they shouldn’t.  Try not to run them over or be one of these people.  And on this note, if you can help someone with a stroller out do it.  They really do appreciate it!