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by Dopey Diva

It is no secret that I am an incredibly picky eater. In fact, I am like a 5 yr. old when it comes to trying new foods. I like what I like (which isn’t much), and don’t normally enjoy giving certain restaurants a try at Disney World because I have convinced myself I won’t like it. Since I am not the only one in our group when we travel to Disney World, I have to be fair to the others though and let everyone pick one restaurant they want to try and go along with them. When we discussed going to Kona Cafe I was not thrilled about eating there  after looking at the menu, but I reluctantly agreed to go. Well, I have to admit I was incredibly surprised by how much I enjoyed eating there. In fact, it is now one of my all-time favorite restaurants at Disney World and I look forward to returning there again some day.

The Kona Cafe is located in Disney’s Polynesian Resort, right next to ‘Ohana. They are opened for breakfast from 7:30 am-11:15 am, lunch from 12:00 pm-2:45 pm and dinner from 5:00 pm-10:00 pm. Their dinner menu consists of American, seafood cuisine and the pricing for dinner is $15-$29.99 per adult. They do offer a children’s menu as well. You are able to use the Disney Dining Plan for Kona Cafe and it uses 1 table service meal per person. (As with all Table Service meals we highly recommend making an Advance Dining Reservation 180 days prior to your trip).

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Since I had eaten a rather large lunch at Be Our Guest before our dinner at Kona Cafe, I wasn’t really hungry and decided on an appetizer for my dinner. I ordered the Pot Stickers and they were delicious! I wish there had been more than 4 because I could have eaten a few more. My oldest son, husband, and brother-in-law all enjoyed some type of seafood meal. As for  my youngest son, he is also an incredibly picky eater (worse than me), and when I saw the menu, I knew there wasn’t anything he would eat. I politely asked our waitress if he could possibly have the cheeseburger without the meat. She found this to be a bit comical and asked if I would like them to make him a grilled cheese sandwich. I told her that would be great and was very appreciative she offered to have them make him something that wasn’t on the menu. When they brought out the grilled cheese sandwich I was shocked…it was a triple-decker sandwich! Of course I had to try it and it was the best grilled cheese sandwich I had ever tasted!



Then it was time for dessert, and their desserts were just as amazing as their food. I  enjoyed a chocolate, banana creme brulee, my oldest son ordered the fondue, my husband had a Kilauae torte and my brother-in-law had pineapple upside down cake. My youngest son didn’t like anything on the dessert menu and asked the waitress if he could please have a chocolate chip cookie. I told him there were no cookies on the menu and he would need to choose something else but the amazing waitress said she would see what she could do for him. She actually  went out side of the restaurant to the food cart next door  and brought him…not just a chocolate chip cookie, but a Mickey shaped chocolate chip cookie with chocolate coated ears. She was incredible!

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Even  though I was skeptical about eating at Kona Cafe, I am now very happy I did. Not only was the food amazing but the people who work there went above and beyond for some very picky eaters and for that I am very grateful. There is nothing like a satisfied customer, no matter what the age!!